Solid Saturdays

The times are a-changing over at Homme, 138 West Camelback Road. Gone are such old and busted dance nights as StraightNoChaser's "one" and Club Rumorz, making way for new hotness like Solid Saturdays. Promising plenty of "Muzik4FunkyOPENminds," the weekly event sees Scottsdale mainstay DJ Kevin Brown painting Homme's main room with his selections of "nasty-dirty-sexy-tribal-electro-underground-house," while Groovetribe's Jas rocks the Leftside Lounge with a mix of funk, rock, jazz, country, electronica, and old school. Acoustic artist Brendon Cottrell will also be in the house to strum out humorous ballads in the vein of Richard Cheese and Tenacious D. The solid gets slung starting at 8 p.m. and there's no cover. Visit

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Gone are such old and busted dance nights as StraightNoChaser's "one"

ONE put Homme Lounge on the map, opened the doors for more diversity within music, people and culture, let alone provided a place where one could hear the very best in deep house, global soul and garage. Furthermore, some of the best local, national and international DJs have passed through and people across the globe are now aware and in-tune to what was crackin' every Friday @ ONE! All this and much more, let alone the website which had enough cyber traffic, quality music, photos, pertinent information and links to choke three dozen herds of donkeys simultaneously shaming the truly "old and busted", redundant and banal nights that exist throughout the valley.

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