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Squash blossoms might've been in season a couple of months ago, when Union opened — on my first visit, they were tucked into a quesadilla — but you won't find them on the menu now. Meanwhile, grilled quail, served with sweet kernels of corn, smoky bacon, arugula, and onion, was a tasty new addition. Clearly, they're tweaking things as they go along here, and that gives me hope.

Three decent desserts rounded things out: lemon-verbena custard, warm fruit cobbler with crème fraîche ice cream (again, just like at you-know-where) and a rich pecan-date brownie with fudge sauce and vanilla ice cream. We gobbled up the brownie, although the cobbler came in a close second.

For a raspberry lemonade cocktail or a nice glass of wine (with a choice of five- or eight-ounce pours), I'd certainly stop by Union again. And for a casual nosh on my way to or from Scottsdale Center for the Arts — just a stone's throw away — this place is a shoo-in. But for a truly memorable meal that lives up to what I'd expect from a couple of the Valley's best-known culinary names?

Rancho Pinot's younger sibling serves up small plates and plenty of wine.
Jackie Mercandetti
Rancho Pinot's younger sibling serves up small plates and plenty of wine.


Arancini: $7.50
Pork and ricotta meatballs: $8.50
Grilled quail: $12.50
Pecan-date brownie: $6.50
Hours: Monday through Thursday, 5 to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Union Wine Bar & Grill, 3815 North Brown Avenue, Scottsdale

For now, I'll stick to Rancho Pinot.

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well i just can't seem to put my thumb on it but oh i'll just say it...seems like you don't like anyone that doesn't advertise with you. every restaraunt you have eaten at and hate, i love . and i have been a cook in scottsdale going on 8 years. what happened to stephen lemons. maybe you could leave and he could come back....