´Scuse Me While I Piss the Skyy

Kissin' concrete in Tempe

We won’t pretend to claim that ASU is the Harvard of the West. On the contrary, we wouldn’t be surprised if pulse-taking docs reside inside the school’s cavernous admission quarters. You fog the mirror, you’re in. Thus the need to dedicate additional wordage for the Mill Avenue Fall Crawl. Though there'll inevitably be overly intoxicated drunkards bumbling about doggy-style, the submissive position isn’t a requirement. Twelve downtown Tempe spots, including The Loft and Cherry Lounge & Pit, will serve up $2 Miller Lites and $3 Skyy Vodka drinks, and there's no cover at any of the participating nightspots. Save the hands-and-knees position for the late-night booty call.
Thu., Sept. 27, 9 p.m.-2 a.m., 2007
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