There's No Place Like House

New weekly aims to rouse you from your trance

DJs Sol Martinez and Sonique des Fleurs want you to choose sides. Will it be the funky, down-low rumble of house or the hypnotic drone of electro? Unless you're seriously trashed, or a neo-Nazi, or a Lawrence Welk fan, you've gotta go with house -- I mean, come on -- and you can at MODE Thursday, a fresh deep-house weekly at Tesoro Lounge, located at the swank new Hotel Scottsdale, 5101 North Scottsdale Road.

"It seems as though the upbeat, electro-filled sounds have been oversaturated during the week," says Martinez. "What we're doing is filling the void of a deep and funky house night, which could be seen as music for a more mature soul."
Thursdays, 10 p.m., 2007

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