Letters From the Issue of Thursday, October 4, 2007


Fake boobs: Still pass: I just finished reading Megan Irwin's jaunt through Scottsdale plastic surgery ("Pimp My Bod," September 27). What a fun read. Way to go, Megan! And, girl, you hang on to your real self! Bottle-blond hair and fake boobs have been pass for half my life — except around here.

Now, some local surgeons do nice work. I should know. But subtle is the key word these days. What you want is plastic surgery that your friends wouldn't notice, unless you took all your clothes off — and even then they shouldn't be sure whether you'd just been working out a lot, sleeping more, and eating your vegetables.
Name withheld by request


Thats putting it lightly, John: Excellent story about the Dan Saban lawsuit against Joe Arpaio ("Below the Belt," Paul Rubin, September 26). I knew Dan when he was in the Mesa Police Department, and I thought he was an excellent officer.

Saban obviously does have family problems, but that doesn't give the sheriff's people the right to try to ruin him. And that lawyer [Dennis Wilenchik]! He sounds like a mean SOB.
John Berman, Mesa

Why cant we do better?: I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't vote in the 2004 election that was mentioned in this story. I did vote for Arpaio before that. No more voting for Joe by me. I'm not sure about Saban, either.

Why can't we do better with our elected officials? "Below the Belt" was a very interesting story, and I went back and read the earlier one ("Boob's Tube," Paul Rubin, January 25), which really told what was going on. Thanks.
Jamie Carnahan, via the Internet

Were sure youre not alone, Hal: As a former resident of Phoenix, and a longtime reader of New Times and Paul Rubin, thanks for the great story on Dan Saban and his trial. I voted for Joe when I lived out there, and I wonder what I was thinking.
Hal Stiles, via the Internet

Media are complicit: Courts are supposed to reflect public opinion. Video and print media reflect editors' opinions. Point being, the media [Channel 15, in the case of Dan Saban] make people guilty without the use of the law. Even if a person is innocent, the media does their damage.
Rich Vanek, Peoria

Thats why we call him Sheriff Joke: I think Sheriff Joe and Andy Thomas are a joke. They get people voting them in because they are "tough on crime," right? They are seething, publicity-rabid nut cases. I hope everybody sees this and votes them out.
Tom Trottier, via the Internet

But what did the judge say?: I would like to see more about Superior Court Judge Robert Houser's jury instructions that led to this kind of outcome in the Saban case. An accusation of rape ought to be defamation per se, and damages shouldn't need to be proved. The drama goes on.
Name withheld by request


Another paranoid rant: Regarding your many articles on the issue (including "Town Without Pity," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, September 13), I would like to comment on the immigration problem in Arizona and in other states. I am a Native American. Everyone knows our history. As an American Indian, I am disgusted with the influx of Hispanic people. The Hispanic people refuse to adapt to American ways. Many of them refuse to speak English or to learn English. They bring their heritage to us and shove it down our throats.

My people speak English in the general public out of respect, though we may speak Navajo or Hopi in our homes and our ceremonies.

My people had to learn English, and I refuse to learn Spanish just so I can speak to illegals. The Irish, Germans, and Japanese learn English before they come here to live, out of respect for America! Drive around Phoenix and you will see that it looks like a Third World country in some places! This is not fair to other races.

Then there's the graffiti problem. Illegals tend to tag anything that stands still. It looks like Tijuana. You don't own those buildings and walls. You don't own the land, either. If you have to tag something, tag your walls at your house! They don't want to disrespect their homes, just ours. No respect for Americans at all.

I heard comedian George Lopez on HBO a few months back. He stated that the Mexican people are taking back California "one Mexican at a time." I no longer listen to this idiot. Because what he said is their secret goal. Hey, George, it's not Mexicans' land. Native Americans were here first!

Is that how we Native Americans get our land back? Shoot out 10 kids per family, expect everyone to speak our many native tongues, tag businesses with Indian symbols to let everyone know we're here. I think not. So, illegals, think hard about this letter next time you ask why Americans don't want you here. It's not about jobs! It's about respect.
Jim Raishart, via the Internet

Theyre cowards, Micho: Bird, I love your column. I read it every time it comes out. But I do have to disagree about agents Ignacio Ramos and Jos Compean. Obviously, they shot the guy for a reason, probably prior offenses.

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I recently had an email forwarded to me from a writer in the Phoenix area complaining about the noise from 4 jets based at Luke AFB that was flying in formation to honor an Air Force Officer killed in Iraq on Memorial Day.After ready the reply that the CO of Luke AFB wrote in response to the writers complaint.I truly hope the complaintant glowed with pride in his/her self.Hats off to the CO at Luke for forwarding the complaint to Captain Fresques family,and that the complaintant eventually got to personally thank Captain Fresque's family and friends.To the complaintant,I am glad you are so proud to support our fallen Military heroes as you have.Hats off to you,be proud.

J. Jimenez
J. Jimenez

Responding to Mr. Raishart,(Redneck Forum)If you would have never admitted to your cultural heritage of being Native American, I would have easily assumed that you were Anglo. I am completely amused at the sense of nationalism that many local Native Americans have adopted in Arizona. Have you ever heard of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924? I have often heard many of my Anglo friends complain of the very same things that you stated in your paranoid rant, but their rants were directed towards Native Americans not Mexicans. You also state that, �My people had to learn English,� how else would the first colonists in North America ever have communicated with the natives? Let�s not forget the fact Euro-Americans attempted to strip, "your people," of their cultural heritage, while not fully incorporating, "your people," into theirs. And speaking of social and economic problems, when was the last time you�ve driven through a reservation? As for George Lopez, lighten up it was just a joke. The whole reclamation of Aztlan will never happen; it would be like the Navajo Nation wanting to reclaim their part of the Southwest. Besides George Lopez isn�t our official spokesperson. And speaking of spokesmen, didn�t Joe Shirley claim that English was offensive. Here is what he really said; �If that�s not genocide, I don�t know what is. We have our color, we have our culture, our way of life, and we need to preserve and protect that.� As for being here first, let�s not forget that Mexican people were completely 100% indigenous prior to the arrival of the Spanish and also native to the Americas. The only valid point that you made was that Mexicans tend to have large families, but even that statement is not completely true. My only response to that is that along with Italian men, Mexican men are also considered the, �Hot blooded lovers of the world.� Maybe you should attempt to learn your cultural history and quit trying to be so uppity, then you would realize that the struggle for many Native Americans is not so different from that of the Mexican.

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