In fact, a remarkably large percentage of the anti-illegal immigration activists aren't white folks at all; they're Navajos, Hopis, Zunis, and members of other Pueblo tribes. Say, why doesn't New Times have a column called "Ask A Navajo"?

Hey Bird, don't you think it's ironic that a nice liberal like you is aiding and abetting the interests of big-biz capitalists?
Leslie Fish, Phoenix

"Great group of people?" Whatever, Keith: Perhaps the writer's vision was blurred by the two-fisted drinking he was doing the night of the Border Patrol agents' rally, because this event-goer saw a great group of people having a well-attended benefit for a cause.

Ignacio Ramos got screwed. Did he do some things wrong? Yes. But that's not what this is about; it's about the event at New River's Roadrunner Saloon. It was more than "a hell of a party," it was a chance for an incredibly diverse group of people to get together.

I also want to note the writer's failure to mention that the event was attended by a good number of Latinos. Hmmm, wonder if they saw any racists? People were at the event from all over the country. Wonder why? It's because the American Freedom Riders do things well and they do things without standing in the spotlight. Danny Smith and his guys and gals are the best. I should know because I proudly wear an AFR patch on my back.
Keith Lefebvre, Phoenix

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cool wind
cool wind

"MINDLESS FOLLOWERS II"Talk about mindless !What an idiot you are !Mind your own business in Virgina where you are !

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