The Bulgarian Job

An immigrant wills his estate to a convicted killer from his homeland and dies the next day. Anything smell fishy?

Actually, Andreev committed fraud in simply coming to the country, Detective Britt says. The documents Andreev submitted when he immigrated contained no mention of his conviction, something he was obligated by law to report.

"It's beyond my comprehension why the U.S. government has not taken action against him" for the immigration violation, Britt says. "The last thing we need here is an admitted murderer who lied to get into the country."

Whatever Andreev does next, he will be able to do it in style.

Landon Armstrong
Rumen Kocankov says he helps fellow immigrants when he can.
Laura Segall
Rumen Kocankov says he helps fellow immigrants when he can.

He's been awarded full rights to Gadzanov's home, worth about $200,000, and Louie's checking account containing about 50 grand.

But the plum of Gadzanov's estate is 21/2 acres he owned on a strip of Pinal County near McKellips and Ironwood roads, in the north end of booming Apache Junction. A local real estate agent estimates the land is worth between $400,000 and $500,000.

Bruce Phillips, Andreev's attorney, says he's advised Andreev to put the property up for sale.

In the vast majority of wills, family members end up with the spoils. But the alleged will of Ljuben Gadzanov gave the lion's share of the estate to a friend, Andrean Andreev. That prompted Commissioner Vatz to order an investigation when Andreev appeared at the first court hearing on the matter, three days before Andreev was arrested.

The county's Public Fiduciary Office, which has the job of acting as temporary guardian for the property of dead or mentally incompetent people, was ordered to do the investigation. The office soon contested the will, using lawyers from the County Attorney's Office as counsel. But one of the lawyers, Wright, arrived on the scene late in the game, after months of gathering evidence. She parachuted into the complicated case just two months before the hearings, after the Fiduciary's first counsel, Stacey Johnson, went on maternity leave. Vatz denied Wright extra time to bone up on what had so far transpired.

After the county's team failed to convince Vatz, the Fiduciary's Office neglected to appeal his ruling within a required 30-day time limit. Which means the case is history.

The failure to appeal is baffling, considering how much effort was put into trying the case both in the probate court hearings and in preparations for the criminal prosecution. Officials from the Fiduciary's Office and the County Attorney's Office declined to comment on this issue, among others.

Britt refuses to say whether he considers the case dead, or whether it's possible more evidence could turn up against the group of five. The only court action in recent months has been the finalization of the transfer of Gadzanov's property to Andreev.

In mid-August, the Andreevs moved from their apartment to Gadzanov's home on Vista Avenue, which they now own.

As far as anyone can tell, Lane, Kocankov, and Ilkov received nothing for helping Andreev obtain the estate.

Lane calls his experience of the past two years — getting arrested, charged, and exonerated — a "nightmare." He says he might file a separate complaint against Gorajczyk, the handwriting expert employed by the Department of Public Safety. Lane claims he lost a job teaching golf course management days after his arrest, even though he was in jail for only two days before posting bond.

Kocankov doesn't seem as miffed, though the government fired him as an interpreter after his arrest, and it hasn't rehired him despite the outcome in probate court.

Besides the Andreevs, the only other clear winner in the case was Smith, who left Gadzanov's home — with Gadzanov's cat (someone else adopted the rottweiler) — after staying there eight months rent-free, after Louie was no longer around to collect rent. She says the saved rent money has been a godsend.

Andreev hasn't asked for it. He's content to leave well enough alone.

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Fishy? Nah. Business as usual in the Tapeworm Economy. Estate grifting is lucrative. Rented-pens with law degrees pimp it every day to senile old men. They stoke the anger which accompanies dementia and turn demented fathers against rightful inheritors, so as to loot millions. They split ill gotten gains with leeches who arrive as death nears.

When responsible adult offspring catch on, these rented pen lawyers attack with Judicial Terrorism. Judicial Terrorism is setting up the innocent on false charges so as to take their liberty and wealth, and get profitably away. I experienced it. Have you? Google "Case No. 04-6085-CA". "Perjury Pat" Stoye of The Marco Island Police Department lied against me. Her lies were pimped by rented-pens George Allen Wilson, II, of Cheffy, "We Make Housecalls!" Passidomo, and Mark V. Silverio. They reportedly boasted of 'imprisoning Paul Zecchino for thirty years without inconvenience of Court scrutiny'.

Since when is 'court scrutiny' inconvenient - to anyone besides lying gutless thugs?

My mother was poisoned for refusing to divert The Living Trust of 1957 to Lifespan HMO,, Providence, Rhode Island. Millions in my name and hers were coveted by Lifespan. Girard R. Visconti, Esq., 'masterminded this chicanery' by which my 98 year old, long in dementia father was unduly influenced into handing our family wealth to a corrupt HMO. Wilson declared me deceased. He did likewise to my wife. My wife! Talk about a 'red flag'! They thought we wouldn't notice? Why do they think their threats will forestall inevitable legal consequences? Their so-called evidence against me was all lies. Facts exonerated me. Cops called their 'Injunction' an 'a/wipe'.

After my mother, Julia M. Zecchino was murdered, her remains were quickly cremated. Contrary to Florida Law, The Marco Island Police Department admits they have no Death Report. Fishy? Nope. Business as usual.

I write to caution others about this 'crime syndicate'. They attacked us smoothly, without one scintilla of concern for legal consequences. Cops say that means they're is practiced, cunning, well-schooled....they'll do it to others'. I write in hope others will take note, steer clear of them and the troubles that accompany them.

Estate Grifting today is big business. Gothic Novels described it. Daphne DuMaurier's novel, 'My Cousin Rachel', describes what Zecchino Estate Grifters did to us as if they used DuMaurier's novel as a blueprint.

In our case, people are dead before their time. Investigators advised us to live carefully, as The Living Trust of 1957 is valid, albeit hijacked. My late mother and I are beneficiaries. That makes for an interesting life, to quote a Chinese curse.

Murder outs. Always. What seems a high flying gag goes along great. Then, as Sheriff Joe "Pink Panties" Arpaio recently learned, it goes bad, it goes very bad.

Check out my article on, to appear Monday or Tuesday, 29/30 of October, regarding Arpaio's Judicial Terrorism against The Phoenix New Times. Every criminal scheme, every police state gag carries within the seeds of its own destruction.

Murder outs - always. Truth can never be buried.

Dr. Paul Vincent Zecchino Manasota Key, Florida 28 October, 2007

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