Do Svidanya, Joe

The vexed vulture swoops down on mean ol' Sheriff Joe, then sides with a nativist (for a change) against the mothers of MADD

"[MADD's] morphed into a National and International Organization which now, unbelievably, supports La Raza and LULAC [League of United Latin American Citizens] members who have served and still serve on their Board of Directors and who are also members of the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations," writes Dallacroce on her Web site. Hey, what about the Bilderbergers and the Masons? And throw in the Knights of Columbus and a case of Dos Equis while you're at it.

Wack crackpot she may be, but Dallacroce's right to call this threatened legal action a boxcar of bison biscuits.

Have you ever Googled "Mothers Against"? There's a Mothers Against Meth, Mothers Against Circumcision (ouch!), Mothers Against Brain Injury (is anyone out there for brain injury?), Mothers Against School Hazing (for you wimps), Mothers Against Arpaio (The Bird's fave), and on and on. There's even a Mothers Against Peeing Standing Up (, for moms who want to "prevent unnecessary urine stream fragmentation."

MILF-y nativist firebrand Michelle Dallacroce catches hell from MADD, and gives it right back.
Stephen Lemons
MILF-y nativist firebrand Michelle Dallacroce catches hell from MADD, and gives it right back.

I put in a call to MADD spokeswoman Misty Moyse, who indicated that MADD's simply defending its trademark. Asked by this ibis if MADD had sued anybody lately over the issue, Moyse said she didn't know, promised to get back, but never did. Let this loony lapwing make a wild guess: If there are all these "Mothers Against" orgs out there, maybe, just maybe, MADD hasn't been that litigious.

Can't see this going very far, but if Dallacroce does have to change her name, she could always see whether "MILFs Against Illegal Aliens" is taken.

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Mr No name
Mr No name

Locking this man up was the absolute right thing to do in the interests of public safety . If as alleged he did NOT follow his doctors orders to wear a mask in a public environment, then when in the infectious state of the disease he could potentially pass his disease via airborne to other innocent citizens . I for one do not want to be infected and die from XDR-TB because someone doesn�t care enough about other human beings to wear a mask .While there�s high praise for Russia being more accepting , It is doubtful Russian would have taken him had he in fact had XDR-TB ,and Knowing that Russia is Russia , I wonder how they would have handled this situation if it had occurred in their country .


This is absolutely sickening. As if this man isn't going through enough with TB - some dickhead sheriff needs to throw him in jail for it? What does Arpaio think he's doing, protecting the public? Hardly. I'm looking forward to whatever he does with my personal information as well, for commenting on an article about him. Ass.

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