Letters From the Issue of Thursday, October 18, 2007


Don’t massage Arpaio’s fantasies: Dictators finally succumb to total paranoia — it's the natural result of a totalitarian mind and a numbed-out psyche unable to do anything useful with guilt ("Sheriff Fidel," The Bird, Stephen Lemons, October 11. Also see The Bird this week and "Keystone Coppers: The skinny on the fake plot to whack Sheriff Joe Arpaio.")

Why ought any decent person be doing anything in relation to this thug [Arpaio] other than take him to where justice can do its thing with him? That storm trooper doesn't deserve to have his grandiose fantasies massaged.
Name withheld by request


It’s about abuse, not religion: Thank you, John Dougherty, for another enlightening story about Arizona-Utah polygamist criminal organizations ("Persecution Complex," October 4).

After reading your story, I feel it is time to comment on the Mormon outrage. I will go point by point from my perspective:

• The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints started all this polygamy abuse.

• Mainstream Mormons still believe they will live in polygamy in the afterlife.

• The mainstream Mormon church is so busy trying to distance itself from organized polygamist groups that it turns away those trying to escape the abuses, telling them to return home and be good wives.

• The LDS has targeted good Mormon people who have become outspoken advocates against polygamist abuses, going so far as to pull their church callings.

• With all the media coverage on polygamist abuses, isn't it interesting that so many mainstream Mormons respond with outrage, disgust, horror, and accusation — not about the abuses perpetrated upon women and children within polygamy but rather polygamist organizations being referred to as Mormon.

There are many Mormons who support stopping the abusive practice of polygamy, but I must say it does not help the Mormon image when the outrage focuses on the factual link between the LDS and Mormon polygamists.

Wake up! This is not about your Mormon religion. This is about child abuse. Maybe if more Mormons stood up and defended the children rather than the LDS organization, we could begin to stop the cycle of abuse.

Consider what Catholics have been through. It is only a matter of time before LDS members can stop hiding behind church walls and face the ugly truth.
Flora Jessop, via the Internet

Reporting helped stop the enemy: Thank you, John Dougherty. It wouldn't have come this far [the conviction of polygamist Prophet Warren Jeffs] without your in-depth reporting. You faced the enemy and saw it through.
Jay Beswick, via the Internet

The distinction was clear, Cody: This careless "Persecution Complex" story failed to make the clear distinction between this obscure and appalling polygamist cult run by Warren Jeffs and the respectable 13 million-member worldwide church known as the LDS.

Jeffs is not now, and never has been a member of the Mormon church, nor does he have any connection or association. The Associated Press style guide tells reporters that the term Mormon "is not properly applied" to other churches that resulted from the split after Joseph Smith's death. It should be obvious why the AP has adopted the policy. It is widely understood that the word Mormon refers to the LDS, which sends out Mormon missionaries, sponsors the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and builds Mormon temples.

Associating the term Mormon with polygamists is comparable to giving credence to someone claiming to be the pope by calling him a "Catholic leader," despite his having no association with the faith whatsoever. This type of reporting is inaccurate, extremely misleading, and dangerously irresponsible. Please get the facts straight and report more responsibly so I am not left answering for an atrocious cult of which I am not a member.

For the record, the LDS discontinued its practice of polygamy in 1890, and for 117 years, Mormons have followed a monogamous lifestyle.
Cody Easterbrook, via the Internet


Child Protective Services is destroying bonds: Well said, Sarah Fenske! You have done your homework on the real issues behind Child Protective Services ("Silence of the Lambs," September 27). Families should not suffer from tax-supported programs that destroy precious bonds. Wake up, America.
Rosemary VanGorder, via the Internet

No burden of proof on CPS: This was a very good article and so very true. I didn't know that there was a trial program that opened the hearings. I believe that if CPS couldn't hide behind closed doors, our grandsons wouldn't be in a foster home waiting for adoption this month.

We have not been allowed to see them since April 13 because it is to much trouble for CPS to bring them down from Safford to Sierra Vista to see us; so we aren't allowed the visits the judge ordered. We have not been allowed to disprove the lies that CPS told about us, and the judge refused to hear our motion to intervene because CPS asked her to.

The bottom line is, we are losing our grandsons because CPS lied, and it doesn't have to prove any of the things it said about us. We don't get to speak on our behalf and tell the truth. It doesn't have to present evidence or anything, and it can keep our babies captive.
Cheryl Boggs, Huachuca City, Arizona

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Hopefully Andrew Thomas and Dennis Wilenchik will soon realize having too many drinks isn't the only way to get kicked out of the bar!! They both deserve to be banned from practicing law in Arizona and hopefully the entire USA!! They have fucked up way to many times!! The media outrage (from both liberals and surprisingly conservatives too) AndrewThomas is receiving from having the New Times owners arrested has come way too late. It should have started back when the story about his ridiculous handling of the Matt Bandy case aired on ABC news 20/20 at least 6 months ago.

BTW: One very evil and little known organization Andrew Thomas is a part of and probably Dennis Wilenchik too...is called THE FEDERALIST SOCIETYPractically all appointees to the Bush Administration were recruited from this organization. If you don't know anything about this evil organization, please research it online. Everyone should should know about it and the danger its many well known members pose to our freedom.

I have hoped and prayed for so long that Arpaio and Thomas's careers come to a sudden and humiliating end much like Mark Foley or Ted Haggard. I hope that day will come soon hopefully the events of the last few days are the start of it!!!!!!Back to top View user's profile Send private message

David Hamu
David Hamu

Dear Mr. Lacey and Mr. Larkin,

You are American heroes! Thank you for sticking to your principles. With the tremendously fast pace of live in our era, it is extremely difficult for the average person to risk one's liberty to stand up for our principles. Unfortunately, our politicians know this and create policies and administer the business of law and government with disdain for the citizens who make up our community. When the business of government becomes more about budgets and personal profits than about humanity, then we are on the doorstep of tyranny.

You the publishers of the Phoenix New Times are among the last beacons of American Liberty. It is irrelevant what one believed about Joe Arpaio prior to him sending his henchmen to arrest you the publishers of the Phoenix New Times, because now he has tipped his hand for all of America to see: America's "so-called" toughest Sheriff is willing to abuse his office for personal and political gain. Whether or not the Sheriff was victimized by the alleged publication of his home address by the Phoenix New Times, is irrelevant. Even my children know that two wrongs don't make a right!

I salute you!

Best Regards,

David Hamu


First off; this is a letter to the executives not the editor. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You say he is attacking you? Sounds more to me like you're attacking them. They purposly went after you because you commited a CRIME. You published illegal documents and got caught. Not only did you commit a crime, you put the sheriff's life at risk. We all know he has a hit out on him and by publishing his address you put his an dhis entire families life at risk. That was an incredibly stupid thing to do. Joe is doing a fantastic job. You people critize him for doing his job? You make me sick. Just because he believes crimials should be arrested and pay for their crime he's a bad person? Grow up and open your eyes. I'm sure if someone commited a crime to you and Joe apprehended them and threw them in tent city you wouldn't be complaining. Tent city has one of the lowest return crimial rates in the country. I pretty sure that means it works. We don't want criminals to have a comfortable time. We want them to regret ever having commited the crime.

Sondra Cevelin
Sondra Cevelin

It's like Scarface, at the end, isn't it? He's a madman. Joe's gotta go.

Peggy Simpson
Peggy Simpson

I just want to be on record as having contacted your paper regarding Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas. I sent a letter to the editor of the Arizona Republic but they didn't publish it, of course. These little dictators are more than just public nuiscenses. How dare he and Andrew Thomas check up on me! I worked within the criminal justice system for over 17 years and have never seen anything like it. I am a law abiding citizen (usually!) and deeply resent their snooping into my contacts. Even if I wasn't a law abiding citizen, I would still be a citizen of this country with certain rights. But what can you expect when our president and most of his staff is above the law!

Please keep up the good work on your investigations. You refuse to be intimidated and this writer really appreciates that!

Jim Cozzolino
Jim Cozzolino

"Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution"WTF....when did Arizona become Nazi Germany ?

Jim Cozzolino
Jim Cozzolino

WTF....when did Arizona become Nazi Germeny ?

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