Letters From the Issue of Thursday, November 1, 2007


Disgruntled deputy?: The most interesting part of Sarah Fenske's article on that [sex offender's] downtown rave scene was that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department let it go on right under its nose ("The Party's Over," October 25).

I'm ashamed to say that I work for Joe Arpaio (but not at the Fourth Avenue Jail, across the street from where this took place), and I can tell you that the majority of people who do work for the MCSO aren't supporters of Nickel Bag. In fact, we are embarrassed by what he and the top brass do routinely.

Isn't it funny that Joe has the resources to hunt down a couple of middle-aged newspaper publishers in the middle of the night but doesn't go after a rave scene involving underage kids within spitting distance?
Name withheld by request

Lay off the E, dude: Seriously, find a new career. Your article was not only way off base but extremely slanderous. I have, on occasion, been able to have full conversation with [Boo's Warehouse rave host Michael "Boo" Booher] and he is nothing but a caring individual in my book, unlike the [woman] who owns the Icehouse.

His aim isn't for profit but for keeping our scene alive. If you knew anything about our scene, you would know that it has a lot more to do with acceptance and giving a place for everyone to fit in based around the music that we all love. By degrading the scene in the way you did just shows how ignorant you are of any other outlook of life than your own.
Eric Thomas, Tempe


Get the U.S. back on track: This is what happens when we let massive abuses of the Constitution in Washington pass without any significant protest. Little pinheads take it as a cue that they, too, can just forget about the Constitution ("Who's Sorry Now?," Stephen Lemons, October 25, and "Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution," Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, October 18).

People need to wake up to what's happening in this country. We're on the edge of not standing for anything anymore.

Tell Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the County Attorney's Office that I've visited the New Times site and to come and get my ass. They're a bunch of pathetic crooks ripping off the people. Let's get this country back on track.
Sean Bailey, New York City

Go back to Hazzard County: I know who's sorry, or at least should be sorry: us! We should be sorry that we have allowed this circus to perform waaaay past its expiration date. Why? Usually, the first thing I think in situations like these is that anyone who supports these clowns has a buy-in somewhere! Only someone with something to lose would participate in such foolishness.

This is a good example of what happens when someone (who shouldn't be in office) holds office too long. This whole flaming bag of doo-doo has left me in a semi-permanent state of shock. I was glued to the TV listening to that moron [County Attorney Andrew Thomas] run his mouth simply because he has one.

Maybe Enos, Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane, and Boss Hogg should return to Bug Tussle, or whatever backwoods, one-horse town that gave birth to them. This is America. How dare you!? How fucking dare you!? Tell me where to bring my sign. I'll wear comfy shoes and bring the doughnuts.
Chevas Samuels, Phoenix

Typical Joe/Andy lover: I took a look at your front page this morning. It is crude crud. Let me ask a question about New Times management and direction: Why are you so agitated about elected officials who are doing a good job?

I think I know, but I would like you to tell me in your own words. If you aren't honest and give some platitude that justifies your foolish agenda or deeds, I will discount anything you say. Why not, man to man? Be honest.

Is it bad upbringing or poor choices with your past that would allow this silly and unfounded criticism of officials who have been elected by a majority? You don't like that? What is wrong here? Could you be psycho, or have they done something wrong?

It is too late. You probably have crossed many lines of decency years ago. I am just an American spelled with a capital "A." Why don't you move to France. Or maybe Russia or Iraq? How about Germany? Or Amsterdam? I understand that Amsterdam is an island of love with many possibilities for Pee-wee Herman types or Clintonites.

Poor New Times folks. I'm so sad that you have been soooooooooo mistreated (moan, moan). Now, if possible, grow up and step into reality. Your influence now deals only with "stories" and deception. View the film Chicken Little (1940s version only) and see the outcome of your "superior intelligence."

Finally, eat my shorts!
Bruce Clack, Glendale

Maricopa County Taliban: I was just packing up the truck for a drive down there from Salt Lake City to volunteer some investigative time on this sheriff when I saw the case against you guys was dropped. As a longtime journalist who has worked the alternative side of the tracks at the Salt Lake City Weekly and the mainstream side in wire service, radio, television, and newspapers, I have followed from afar the fantastic job New Times has done over the years exposing the "toughest sheriff in America" and the truth behind his administration.

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C J Walsh
C J Walsh

Now that you've taken on good ol' Andy on your behalf, how about taking him on behalf of the people who have been railroaded into prison? Specifically, Marcus Burgess. Poor Marcus was doing a good deed for a white woman who crossed paths with a cops' kid under the DWB statute. The cops' kids had two outstanding felony warrants the night of the accident, but guess who goes to prison? The cops' kid goes free even though he was drunk and full of drugs. Cops are aided and abetted in breaking protocol in investigating a near fatal accident, in committing perjury in the grand jury and the trial, not taking a wanted felon into custody the night of the accident, and destroying evidence left and right. If it had been a white man involved in an accident with the cops' kid, he would have been paid off, instead of being sent to prison on trumped up charges. The NAACP wouldn't get involved because the accident involved the police and their thin blue line. Who do we want walking the streets, a Black man who loves teaching high school kids, or 7 seven dirty cops and dirty prosecutors?

Cindy Travis
Cindy Travis

Wow Andy Lover! You are a shining example of how no child left behind will fail. Our public schools constantly pump out gutter thrash like you... because of people like you.


"Typical Joe/Andy lover"

And you Sir, are a "Typical Moron"

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