I imagine you would have had a considerable number of other journalists showing up down there, or otherwise lending a hand to help you deal with this crazy situation. Now, find out why [the authorities] backed off. Is it because the arrest has been picked up and is now being carried worldwide? Probably so. This does not paint much of a pretty picture here in George W. Bush's America, does it?

While the U.S. attacks countries like Afghanistan in order to "install democratic governments," thanks to the Internet, people all over the world can read about this situation and see we have a "Taliban problem" down in Maricopa County. Whatever you do, never, never, never give up!
John Harrington, Salt Lake City

Closer to removing the worms: Congratulations, New Times! The idea of a free press (the first amendment to the Constitution), in my opinion, is part of a system of checks and balances designed to keep our government honest.

By exposing the abuse of powers by the Sheriff's Office and the County Attorney's Office, I hope we are a little closer to removing these worms from office. New Times has done its part and I hope you continue, without mercy, to bring to light all the wrongs committed by Nickel Bag Joe.

The rest is up to the consumers of all media outlets to take notice and change their votes at the next election. I would rather see Sheriff Joe become a guest in his own jail, languish there during a long, painful, exposing criminal trial and then shipped off to a maximum-security prison.

As for County Attorney Thomas, either he sanctioned Dennis Wilenchik's conduct in this grand jury investigation, or he is clueless as to what tactics his deputies are using to get a win in court. Either way, both men are incompetent to hold office and should be removed and possibly disbarred. Keep up the good work!
Robert Rodriguez, via the Internet

We like it, too: I like having freedom. What sick pigs for thinking they could do this to Americans.
Mike Provost, via the Internet

This is just the beginning: This was never about revealing grand jury information or any other crock the disgraceful county attorney and sheriff concocted. This was an attempt at intimidation. Thank God New Times stood up to it forcefully and fearlessly. You made an important stand on behalf of all of us.

However, it's not over. At his press conference, Andrew Thomas said of his office's illegal assault on the New Times: "I do not condone it. I do not defend it, and so it ends today." Like hell it ends today! It's just beginning.

We can't allow public officials to pry into the reading habits of tens of thousands of people without vigorous, sustained challenges on multiple fronts.

I intend to file a complaint about Thomas's outrageous conduct with the State Bar Association. I'm also writing to Attorney General Terry Goddard to seek an independent prosecutor and/or an investigation to determine if any laws were broken in this witch hunt. If he determines no laws were broken, I'd like his recommendations for a state law that would protect citizens from such reckless, dangerous, anti-American intrusions.

I also think we citizens need to begin a drum beat demanding that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors audit the County Attorney's Office, especially in the area of spending on and use of outside attorneys, and the Sheriff's Department because it apparently hasn't been audited in years.

You guys are my First Amendment heroes for 2007.
Bill Gates, Sun Lakes

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C J Walsh
C J Walsh

Now that you've taken on good ol' Andy on your behalf, how about taking him on behalf of the people who have been railroaded into prison? Specifically, Marcus Burgess. Poor Marcus was doing a good deed for a white woman who crossed paths with a cops' kid under the DWB statute. The cops' kids had two outstanding felony warrants the night of the accident, but guess who goes to prison? The cops' kid goes free even though he was drunk and full of drugs. Cops are aided and abetted in breaking protocol in investigating a near fatal accident, in committing perjury in the grand jury and the trial, not taking a wanted felon into custody the night of the accident, and destroying evidence left and right. If it had been a white man involved in an accident with the cops' kid, he would have been paid off, instead of being sent to prison on trumped up charges. The NAACP wouldn't get involved because the accident involved the police and their thin blue line. Who do we want walking the streets, a Black man who loves teaching high school kids, or 7 seven dirty cops and dirty prosecutors?

Cindy Travis
Cindy Travis

Wow Andy Lover! You are a shining example of how no child left behind will fail. Our public schools constantly pump out gutter thrash like you... because of people like you.


"Typical Joe/Andy lover"

And you Sir, are a "Typical Moron"

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