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The ticked-off toucan recounts the trials of NT scribe Ray Stern, snickers at the County Attorney's press conference, and tells why Rusty Childress' anti-immigrant org is goin' to the library

Dan Barr jokingly asked if they put Stern "in an Abu Ghraib pose." Barr called the Fourth Avenue Jail tour "creepy intimidation."

But this tweeter sees it as par for the course for the MCSO. Sheriff Joe Arpaio's top minions don't understand the public part of public documents. Let's hope that, one day, the sheriff's regime will fall like some South American junta, and Chagolla will be lucky to be doing his flacking for the local dogcatcher.

But for the time being, New Times newshounds may still have to go to the slammer to see public docs. (Sigh.)

Fred Harper


If you missed County Attorney Candy Thomas' wack PR stunt — when he called a news conference to tell the world about an obscure little article on — you can watch Candy's entire performance on the site of this pecker's blogging bro, Feathered Bastard.

There, you can see a pol so desperate for sympathy that he actually puts his own family at risk. Channel 12 and the Arizona Republic share, and their own reporters at the press conference hadn't even seen the four-paragraph piece. But Thomas made sure everyone got a gander of the tiny online-only story by Brahm Resnik, which included a link to Thomas' 2004 financial disclosure statement with the County Recorder's Office.

The financial disclosure paperwork mentioned the names of Thomas' four kids and gave his address. In case reporters had trouble finding it, Thomas handed out copies of the story, with the link in question printed in bold.

"These news agencies enabled criminals to readily obtain information about my family and me," declared the baby-faced prosecutor. "In the same manner that New Times endangered Joe Arpaio."

Puh-leeze, Candy, spare us the fake outrage. Commenters on the Feathered Bastard's post noted Thomas' hypocrisy. His handpicked attack schnauzer, Dennis Wilencheckbook, was after gads of personal info on New Times' online readers — everyone who'd accessed the site since 2004, to be exact. Wilenchik wanted IP addresses, surfing habits, cookie info. Basically, everything 'cept the last time the reader visited the loo.

Candy's all outraged about his personal info being published? Technically, he should take it up with County Recorder Helen Purcell, since it all was on the recorder's Web site. just linked to the financial disclosure. Following Candy's insincere burst of emotion, the Rep and Channel 12 had the story pulled, folding like a two-bit gambler with a pair of deuces.

Candy said that now his kiddies will need armed guards at taxpayer expense. If so, the county supervisors should have his pay docked. By holding the press conference, he endangered his tykes more than ever did.

Our Dave Foley-look-alike of a C.A. also kvetched that "people have had a lot of fun beating up on me" about the debacle, in which he was forced by public opinion to fire former boss Wilenchik and end the grand jury inquiry of New Times.

"You can criticize me," complained Candy. "Take whatever shots you want. I'm a big boy."

Really? Start acting like it. You get a point for dropping the grand jury inquiry, but would you have been doing the right thing without that tsunami of public outrage? The Taloned One doesn't think so.


Word's out that Rusty Childress has sold his Childress Kia lot and, for now, his extremist anti-immigrant organization, United for a Sovereign America, will be meeting at the Yucca branch of the Phoenix Public Library.

U.S.A.'s renting a room at the Yucca branch on Mondays, so now, Mexican flag-burners like Laine Lawless and white supremacists like J.T. Ready will be rubbin' shoulders with all the kiddies there with Mom and Pop to check out a copy of Dr. Seuss.

What's next for the library? Neo-Nazi bake sales? Ku Klux Klan coffee klatches? Fridays-are-Aryan days? This plumed penman just hopes the U.S.A. wackos don't scare the schoolkids with their loudmouth antics and hatemongering. Remember, kids, just because they don't have teeth, doesn't mean they can't bite.

According to Victoria Welch, the PIO for the PHX Public Library, P-town book barns have an open-door policy when it comes to orgs lookin' for a space. This nutcracker asked her if the library would let the neo-Nazis have a planning session if they'd want.

"If the neo-Nazis did come in, we can't turn them away," Welch stated. "We're a publicly funded institution. We can't turn anyone away."

To be honest, The Bird agrees with that policy because of the First Amendment and all that jazz. That doesn't lessen the odiousness of Childress' group, which spews hate 24-7 on its Web site, A link from that site to the online store that sells gear for Childress' bike group Riders U.S.A. also offers T-shirts that read "My Back Is Still Wet"; "Illegal Aliens: When they RAPE your daughter you'll care!"; and "The Sucking Sound You Hear Is Anchor Babies."

The guy who designs this filth, a longtime member of U.S.A. and Riders U.S.A., sells another T-shirt that reads, "Undocumented Illegal Alien Hunter." So just when, this warbler wonders, has it been okay to "hunt" human beings?

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I'm disappointed that a "credible" news organization,like this one,decides to print commentary more than facts and slander people doing their job. Why not present facts and not try to play political games against someone/agency that in some cases has no stake in your agenda? Or would that actually constitue as work for you?

Officer Scagnetti
Officer Scagnetti

Wow. That cartoon is fantastic. My personal favorite so far :)

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