Heroine Addiction

Dames, fans know there's a thin line between love and skate

Amid feverish preparations for the Arizona Derby Dames League Championship, a few of the rollergirls speak to a cautiously adoring public:

Sally Whacker of the Brutal Beauties: "We're good enough friends that we can really mess with each other, and the crowd loves it."

Ginger Mortis, Coffin Draggers: "We're like the bad girls, and they're like pink princesses. We want to knock them off their throne."

Then somebody says, "We're the prettiest girls on skates." Is it Katie Kills? Or Mami Chula, or perhaps MissSindyRella? Oof, our head is spinning from all of this scary, athletic hotness.
Sat., Nov. 17, 8 p.m., 2007

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