What's next? Blindness disclosure?: If home values continued to escalate at levels of the past few years, would Glenn Melton be engaged in this lawsuit ("Hot Potato," John Dickerson, November 8)? Hardly.

He appears to be an egomaniac who can't cope with the reality that he bought at the height of the market. Why is he implying his daughter was duped when he, a top real estate executive, is the one who purchased the home?

The assertion Mr. Melton makes that Nathan Thinnes' motivation for selling was his neighbor is absurd when you realize he lived there for over five years. If she was such a burden, he would have left earlier.

Furthermore, it shouldn't be his legal obligation to disclose that he lives next to a person of a protected class. What's next? Disclosing you live next to blind person? This frivolousness should not be tolerated by the courts.
Josh Cook, via the Internet


Tommy Daniels, poet: I remember that New Times once ran a letter to the editor that was all gibberish and labeled it "Typical Joe Arpaio Supporter" (January 11). Now comes the letter in your recent edition labeled, "Typical Joe/Andy Lover" (November 1). And from reading the comments about the jackbooted attempted to silence New Times by the sheriff and County Attorney Andrew Thomas, I can see that morons like these letter-writers are, indeed, typical of the white trash who keep electing these two bigoted thugs.

This reader, Bruce Clack, is a real idiot! He inquires of New Times: "Why don't you move to France? Or maybe Russia or Iraq? How about Germany? Or Amsterdam? I understand that Amsterdam is an island of love with many possibilities for Pee-wee Hermans or Clintonites."

Quack, quack, Mr. Clack. Move to France? Oh, okay. That way those of us with a brain wouldn't have to [rub shoulders] with puke like you. Sheesh, it's pathetic that out of all the letters and comments from the thousands of readers responding to the outright assault on the U.S. Constitution and New Times, this pitiful clown's is one of about a half-dozen negative comments. And I think he's the only one who signed his real name.

You racist Mexican-haters and other Arpaio/Andy Thomas supporters are pathetic pussies — pitiful excuses for human beings who should themselves be deported to Iraq (too bad there's no Nazi Germany anymore, because that's where you'd really fit in). Come on, wouldn't our county be a much better place without the diarrhea that these little Hitlers fart out of their mouths?
Tommy Daniels, Yuma, formerly of Phoenix

Besides, there's nothing wrong with Pee-wee: I wish more supporters of Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio would speak out, as Bruce Clack did. We all know they are fightin' mad because they have to live with darkies, because everyone can see what a superior race of people the likes of Clack are. Idiots like Clack think they are being clever with their insults, when all they're doing is demonstrating to the world what complete fools they really are.

Andy and Joe: These are your people! Clack thinks that people who support Americans' constitutional rights are a bunch of Pee-wee Herman types? Clack, I'm sure I could kick your ass all the way from your Glendale trailer park to University of Phoenix Stadium! You know what? I'm getting sick of Democrats being portrayed as panty-waists by the likes of Clack. What Democrats need to do now to get the attention of Joe Arpaio and his lap dog Andy Thomas is a little old-fashioned protest. Remember the '60s.

Oh, but whenever anybody does that, Joe arrests the protesters. This troll and his storm troopers will never get it; they think they are above the law. Even after the public relations nightmare that New Times forced on them (Hey, stupids, you've got barely a handful of supporters in the whole nation on this one), they are still arresting that ACLU lawyer just for daring to appear at a protest for Latino rights (The Bird this week; see also "ACLU legal director Dan Pochoda popped by sheriff's deputies," Feathered Bastard).

I'm just praying that New Times continues its campaign against Candy Andy and Joke "Nickel Bag" Arpaio. Nazis must be jailed and made to pay for their crimes. I challenge New Times to bring up every negative point you've ever mentioned about these two over the next several months; then maybe they can be defeated at the polls. You're the only thing standing between us decent people and the precipice.
Jake Johnson, Phoenix

Truer words . . .: Wow, "Joe/Andy Lover"! You are a shining example of how "No Child Left Behind" will fail. Our public schools constantly pump out gutter trash like you — because of people like you.
Cindy Travis, via the Internet

Lame excuse, indeed, Danger: This case [against New Times] shows the danger of grand juries (see Michael Lacey this week; also see "Who's Sorry Now?", Stephen Lemons, October 25, and "Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution," Lacey and Jim Larkin, October 18). They are usually used by the government to jail people for crimes when the government doesn't have any evidence that a crime was committed.

In this case, if Sheriff Joe had any "probable cause" that New Times violated the law by publishing his address on the Web, he would have arrested people three years ago. But he didn't.

Without the probable cause needed to arrest the folks at New Times, it looks as if Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe were hoping to get a grand jury to give them a lame excuse to jail somebody.
Mikey Danger, via the Internet

Joe as Scarface? Hmm: It's like Scarface, at the end, isn't it? He's a madman. Joe's gotta go.
Sondra Cevelin, via the Internet

Aw, thanks, Robb: What an excellent and courageous exposé on an incredible abuse of power and the judicial process!

New Times continues to serve as the media conscience in our often politically pitiful state.
Robb Itkin, via the Internet

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Naomi Skinner
Naomi Skinner



Sep 27th

Home Headline News Maricopa NAACP Says APS Discriminates

Maricopa NAACP Says APS Discriminates

The Maricopa County Branch NAACP charged in a recently released statement that Arizona Public Service has allowed African American and Hispanic employees to be subjected to racial harassment of a continuous nature severe enough to constitute a hostile work environment.

NAACP officials said employees have complained about the derogatory remarks made by white co-workers, but nothing was done by APS to stop the behavior.

According to the NAACP, papers titled �Application for Minority Employment� and derogatory jokes about �20,000 Niggers in Heaven� have been circulated in the APS�s workplace. Referring to African Americans, the application said "it is not necessary to attach a photo since you all look alike." With respect to Hispanics, it said �list date and time illegally entered the United States.�

Also, the NAACP said APS has allowed its attorney to engage in witnesses tampering in a lawsuit, Ramirez v. Arizona Public Service Company, that is before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. In this case, former APS employee Paul Lance Ramirez issuing APS charging discrimination.

In another lawsuit, Daniel Fowler, also a former APS employee, is suing the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local #387, which represents employees working for APS. Fowler was a union steward when he was discharged by APS on February 22, 2006, after nearly twelve years.

APS was aware, said the NAACP, that Fowler was going to provide testimony in Paul Ramirez's lawsuit. Additionally, he had provided testimony for Paul Torres in another lawsuit against the company.

According to the NAACP, Carl Moore, a union steward, who is also an APS employee, told Fowler "don't poke the dog too much or he'll turn and bite you, let sleeping dogs lie, don't bite the hand that feeds you, loose lips sink ships, and your job is the sinking ship." The NAACP said Moore was reminding Fowler, that if he provided testimony to support Ramirez and Torres in their lawsuits, it might cost him his job.

Fowler has charged APS with discrimination and is currently waiting for EEOC to complete its investigation. The NAACP said Naomi Skinner, another former APS employee also is suing APS.

The NAACP said that every individual has a fundamental right to secure a job, which they are qualified without discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Pervasive racial discriminationin employment functions is a barrier that prohibits an entire racial group from making social and political progress.

Historically, said the NAACP, it has viewed cases of employment discrimination as matters of the highest priority, deserving of full support by all local offices. Hence, every local office must be prepared to assist potential complainants in challenging those government and private employers who engage in discrimination.

The NAACP claimed most employers know that Title VII not only prevents them from discriminating against employees, but it also prohibits retaliation against employees, who opposed unlawful discriminatory employment practices by filing complaints or participate in lawsuits, charge proceedings, or other efforts to police discrimination.

The NAACP reported in their statement that Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, the owner of APS stated in its 2004 Corporate Responsibility Report On Social Performance the following: "In 2004, the company had no arbitration with union employees. The company's relationship with its performance review employees is valued highly as well. In 2004, the company faced 14 U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charges. Of those, 13 were dismissed. Pinnacle West and APS enjoy a positive relationship with the EEOC.

In fact, 2004 Pinnacle West President Jack Davis participated in a CEO roundtable with EEOC Chair Carrie Dominguez designed to open communications between Arizona corporations and regulators. "The NAACP said the report a smoke screen. �The report has a chilling effect on the willingness of employees to come forward with information that may be of critical importance to the commission as it seeks to advance the public interest in the elimination of unlawful employment practices.

APS has a positive relationship with the EEOC because the agency is doing nothing to eliminate discrimination at the company.� According to the NAACP, African American and Hispanic employees are continuously subjected to racial harassment. �Hispanic employees have been called �F.... Mexicans, Wetbacks, and Spicks.� Disparate treatment has been discovered involving disciplinary and discharge issues, promotions, job assignments, flag pay, and training.�

The NAACP said it observed from November 14, 1997 to the present that Pinnacle West and APS have enjoyed a positive relationship with the EEOC�s Phoenix District Office. �EEOC investigators failed to conduct a �full investigation� of charges of discrimination,� the NAACP statement said.

�Pre-Determination Interviews (PDIs) were not held with charging parties before their cases were dismissed. Witnesses who had knowledge of the incidents surrounding the allegations contained in charges of discrimination were not conducted or interviewed. �In today society, both employers and employees are far more aware of every employee's right to work in a discrimination-free environment and to complete for jobs on a level playing field. Society as a whole has not lowered its threshold for intolerance.

The EEOC�s mission is to eliminate discrimination in the workplace and expand opportunities for all our citizens. As the country embarks on the 21st century, minorities and women now account for nearly half of the nation's workforce.�


I wanted to recommend that you use your amazing investigative reporting skills to do a piece on Nouveau Riche University in Scottsdale and/or James Piccolo, founder and CEO. They use very slick seminar style marketing to promote their very expensive ($16000 to $20000) educational packages. Wonder if its a Scam.


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