A tearful saga: The story of Michael Carbajal's financial fall because of his brother was another great article by Paul Rubin. I had a lot of respect for Michael as a fighter, and the story made me cry.

I can only pray that, somehow, some of Michael's money and property can be returned to him and that his brother is made to suffer in prison for what he has done to his family.

And may Sally Carbajal rest in peace. She didn't deserve to die like that. She was a good woman who just made a bad choice in husbands.
Antonio Lozano, via the Internet

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brian dennis
brian dennis

Just who pays for this ANDREW THOMAS having his face on bill boards,TV, posters, and radio, It looks like political self-promotion under the guise of public service.How is it this man can abuse human rights and the constitution on a daily basis with out recrimination? How is there any correlation with Thomas's news conferences with public safety and crime prosecution? Why would any conscious citizen in our country allow such obvious blatent political whoring , with it's fascist undertones to continue? Just what demographic does this "napoleanonic" freak think he is appealing to? I am 56,white and a professional.I never would have given this man any thought you see, but I have have spent 2 1/2 years in Mr thomas's legal torture chamber of horrors. I am one of many that receive a legal gang rape from this man...thank god I am white.... I am very afraid

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