Racist Daisy-Chain

The Wild Turkey calls the guv a coward, outs Republican white supremacists, and searches for Dennis Wilenchikís lost subpoenas

The Bird wasn't the only one scratching its head feathers at that one.

"It is not clear what documents are referred to as 'documents that should have been part of the Clerk's file,'" wrote Baca in response to Wells' elusive verbiage. "The court now clarifies its prior order and directs the MCAO to supplement its . . . report to the court."

By the time this column hits the boulevards, the MCAO will have made its supplemental report. But why would anyone have, er, misplaced the original subpoenas? Copies of the subpoenas are attached to other docs in the court file, and the infamous, overly broad subpoena against New Times and its readers was published by The Bird's bosses Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin in their cover story "Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution" (October 18). You know, the one that got Sheriff Joe's Selective Enforcement Unit slapping the cuffs on the duo in the middle of the night.

Fred Harper
Bosom buddies: J.T. Ready (left) and Russell Pearce at an anti-immigrant fest in June. Photo from the Web site of the racist White Knights of America.
Bosom buddies: J.T. Ready (left) and Russell Pearce at an anti-immigrant fest in June. Photo from the Web site of the racist White Knights of America.

Lacey wrote in his November 1 column, "He Just Doesn't Get It," that Wilenchik "anointed himself the grand jury," instead of facilitating the grand jury. The special prosecutor was required by law "to report to the grand jury foreman and the presiding judge the existence of a subpoena within 10 days of issuing it." Wilenchik didn't do that.

Could the subpoenas be missing because they might offer proof that Wilenchik did not play by the rules?

This songbird doesn't want to cast aspersions. Maybe it's just a lil' legal mix-up. After all, law offices, including esquire Wilenchik's and the MCAO's, must be choked with paperwork.

Plus, can you imagine, in your wildest dreams, either Dennis Wilencheckbook (who's raked in $2 million in county funds and counting) or the CA's Office being less than 100 percent honest? Perish the thought, Portnoy!

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Wow. Arizona is one crazy-ass state......to think I once considered moving there. Thank God I didn't. It's surprising that no one does anything about Arizona's sad sad situation.


Who are you, Thorsson, the heathen event police? FB didn't say his source said that it was an Asatru or Troth blot specifically. Maybe there are some neo-Nazi blots in town that you don't know about. Poor, poor white people, have to arrange to wear funny hats and drink mead in the desert because they don't have a distinguishable culture to be proud of in this century.


Anyone who thinks that the Asatru ceremony known as the BLOT is a neo nazi or racially bigoted event in any way,shape or form knows very little,if anything about it or our way.I don't care if said person is one who attends the event casually and happens to have some fascistic beliefs that the LARGEST PART of the Asatru community do not share,or if said person is a liberal demagogue writer for the new times who thrives on giving people a poorly earned spotlight for his own sensational ends;If you think that our beliefs,rites and practices are in any way bigoted,you need to do what Paul Tsongas once encouraged the media to do-YOUR GODDAMNED HOMEWORK!


Todd Stallion
Todd Stallion

I'm all Greased Up, and ready for some ACTION. Especially when my loyal subjects Dennis and Andrew both rub a juicy piece of Smitty's peperonni pizza all over my Royal Stallion. YeeeeeHawwww.

J. Adler
J. Adler

How can the Republican party allow this buffoon of a neo-Nazi in their ranks? J.T. Ready would have had no place in the AZ GOP when Goldwater (Barry, not doofus Don) was around. But with the party run by the likes of Randy Pullen and Russell Pearce, it's turned into a gutter filled with racist trash like Ready. I'm so disgusted I could puke.

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