Kentucky-Fried Joe

The comedic kestrel makes the Joe Show in Sun City West, shares a few Joe jokes of his own, and grills state Representative Russell Pearce about his links to white supremacists

• They call Joe "America's toughest sheriff." And that's just his stool sample.


Oddly, state Representative Russell Pearce wasn't on the stage shish-kebabing his old boss, Sheriff Joe, but he was in the lobby afterward. And since it's not every day that you get to grill one of Sand Land's most prejudiced pols, this beak-bearer made its way over to Pearce to see if he would disavow his own personal Willie Horton-like albatross: Mesa neo-Nazi J.T. Ready.

Fred Harper

"There was a point where I thought J.T. was a good guy," the bullet-headed legislator confessed. "But I was disappointed by that picture I saw [of J.T. demonstrating with neo-Nazis in Omaha, Nebraska]."

So was Ready the fella who sent Pearce that neo-Nazi National Alliance e-mail that got Pearce in such a pickle last year when he forwarded it to followers?

"I'm not going to get into that," he said, shaking his head. "That's old history. It doesn't matter who sent it. That's my job to be alert when I read."

In journalism, that's what they call a non-denial denial.

"I don't think J.T.'s a bad guy, I think his association with these groups is wrong," insisted Pearce.

Really? So what about the vicious, anti-Semitic screeds J.T. posts on, "an online community for whites, by whites"? Is Pearce okay with that? Pearce said no, so The Bird advised the lawmaker not to hang out with J.T. anymore.

"I never did," Pearce shot back.

This tallywhacker told Pearce that's a lie because The Bird was at that June rally, watched Pearce and Ready work the crowd together arm-in-arm, and has the photos to prove it.

"That's not my fault," cried Pearce. "I don't push people away. I was also at the side of Al Rodriguez and J.D. Hayworth. You didn't take those pictures."

That's because neither Rodriguez, an anti-illegal immigrant activist, nor former Congressman Hayworth is a neo-Nazi.

Pearce is readying himself (pun intended) for a run against Congressman Jeff Flake next year. And what he'd better learn fast is that there's some scum, like J.T. Ready, whom he needs to push away. He'd better, 'cause The Bird will be watching.

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Anyone else concerned that the MSCO might start raiding car rental agencies looking for a woman who wants to kill Joe?

Dumb shit is senile enough to take that joke as a threat


New Times always being in a rack in front of his favorite restaurant, Luby's. "New Times, they've been roasting me for 15 years!" he quipped.

Ha ha. Good one, Joe. Now everyone knows exactly where you eat since there is only one Luby's Cafeteria left in the entire state.

Deadman Walking
Deadman Walking

I do not find it surprising that the Little Prince Simcox was there. Him and Arpaio are both criminals, and where�s the best place for a criminal to hide out at? Well, that would be with all the cops. Bird, you need to do an article on Simcox and all the money he is steeling from the general public.

I know we disagree on some of the immigration issues, but neither one of us like to see people getting ripped off. Especially from someone as phony and fake as Simcox. Anyway, maybe the reason people did not go to the roast was because on that Saturday they were out looking for new landscapers because Joe had their last ones arrested at Pruitt�s��


Good article. I got a lot of laughs out of the jokes, but the sad thing is, most of those jokes are actually true. The joke Rpiehole has got to go, and the only way is for all of us to take the trouble to get to the polls and vote him out next year. His brain-dead supporters always get out to vote, so that's what we're up against. Whining and bad mouthing him are fine, but only voting will get him out.

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