Fop Star

Victorian dandy meets 21st-century Beck -- in one stylin' suit

With a name like Alfred Darlington, it’s not terribly surprising that the IDM and electronica producer behind Los Angeles’ one-man band Daedelus looks like a cross between a 19th-century fop and a new-millennial Beck. Though Daedelus may be rep'n the West Coast, his clever sampling techniques and precocious beat creations sound as though they ought to be thumping through the walls at some hipper-than-thou loft party on NYC’s Lower East Side. His sound travels from hip-hop to downtempo to ambient, exploring every genre in between, while maintaining an irresistible dance groove that most definitely gets some bodies rockin’.

Daedelus performs his experimentally danceable noise as part of Thru The Wires' 4-Year Anniversary Show. The monthly celebration of underground electronic music has included national artists such as Girl Talk as well as local artists Back Ted-N-Ted, Treasure Mammal, and Peachcake.

Fri., Dec. 14, 7 p.m., 2007
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