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The hellacious hooter watches Mayor Goober lay a colossal huevo, and wishes a heavenly millstone on the neck of a nativist numskull

North High teacher Jane McNamara related that Arvizu got good grades, was active in choir and in the Junior ROTC, and wanted to join the Army. He would've been an ideal candidate for citizenship, if this country had a DREAM Act. But it doesn't.

Many nativists, The Bird's sure, would happily dance on Arvizu's grave. That's why this heron's hesitant to give out ­information regard­ing future fund­raisers, knowing the potential for violence by some in the anti-immigrant camp. To these heartless cretins, Arvizu, and all teenagers like him, are criminals, deserving of immediate deportation, regardless of medical status.

Many on the nativist side consider themselves Christians. They invoke the Good Book to justify their hatred, anger and prejudice, just as some Christians once justified slavery and later Jim Crow with that same religious text.

Danny Hellman

Don't know which version they're thumbing through, but in this beak-bearer's Bible, the man from Galilee tells his disciples, "Suffer the little children to come unto me; forbid them not: for to such belongeth the kingdom of God."

He didn't say, "Suffer the little American children" or "Suffer the little white kids." Unless your Bible's the "New and Revised Russell Pearce Edition." This raven ran into state Representative Pearce on December 1 at the Joe Arpaio Roast in Sun City West and asked him about the DREAM Act. What about the kids of illegals who've obeyed the law, gotten good grades, etc., etc.? He was having none of it. "Illegal is illegal," he spat.

Which made this magpie recall that other line from Jesus Christ regarding children, "It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble."

Heh, when it comes to evil ol' black-heart Russell Pearce, we can only hope he and his heavenly millstone have a date with destiny.

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Jill Farrell
Jill Farrell

Since I started working here, I�ve seen this organization described in many different ways. This is the first time I�ve seen us referred to as ���onservative, fat-pocketed Washington, D.C. think-tank Judicial Watch�

It�s all about whose ox is getting gored. Next time we condemn a Delay or Cheney -- before it becomes fashionable -- please do remember to remove the "uber".

Judicial Watch, Inc. is a constitutionally conservative, nonpartisan educational foundation that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.

Thank you.

WIll Smith
WIll Smith

Taloned One? Puhleeeeeez, gimme a break! Seems your talon has captured one big egg, the one that sits on your shoulders. Bottom line: If illegals came here the right, LAWFUL way, they wouldn't have to hide, or be scared or cry like WE did something to them. They come illegally, they take jobs illegally, using illegal documents. So tell me, oh big bag of feathers (mostly air filled, as I can see, though)why do AMERICANS have to pay for their ...ahem...misfortunes? We already pay in so many other ways, already. Get a real job, Bozo....don't look for the one under AMERICAN, because you surely don't sound like you could be one. How this newspaper hired you, I can only guess. Perhaps you'll squawk differently, when an illegal DUI suspect takes away a family memeber...or some illegal heroin OD's someone you love....maybe some gangbangers have a little fun with ya?...would that open your eyes? How about a pile of disposible diapers on the side of your home?...how about a strange disease for ya at your next fast food purchase....Maybe...even MAYBE, come take YOUR job?...hmmmmmmmmmmm


Unless you have absolutely no interest in public safety, you will find the following information very difficult to believe.

If you are an illegal alien and speak no English and have absolutely no proof of legal residence, but do have criminal tendencies, then Phoenix, Arizona is a good place to be.

Phoenix Police Departmental Order 1.4.3 A Disgrace to Taxpayers and the Police Officers that Protect Us 5 of the past 7 Phoenix Police Officers KILLED at the hand of Illegal Aliens Mayor Gordon and Chief Harris want the public to believe that 1.4.3 only applies to misdemeanor offenses. Below find the actual list of crimes committed daily by Illegal Aliens that your Mayor and Chief of Police have determined not worthy to report to Immigration and Customs Enforcement: Reckless Endangerment Homicide DUI Hit & Run Aggravated Assault

Armed Robbery Rape Forgery Extortion Fraudulent Schemes

Lewd Behavior Kidnapping Burglary Robbery Identity Theft*

Breaking & Entering Manslaughter Child Molestation Hostage Taking* Public DrunkennessAssault & BatteryAssault with a Deadly Weapon

*Unless violating AZ Human Smuggling Law

As Citizens of Phoenix, we must Demand that Mayor Gordon and Police Chief Harris permanently eliminate the restrictions placed on Phoenix Police Officers, Demand that our Laws are enforced and that Illegal Criminal Aliens are immediately deported.

This is also true, of course, with all misdemeanor offenses. The Police Department allows a suspect to "self ID" (give any false name that comes to mind) and then writes a citation which contains a "promise to appear", and then turns 'em loose. You can probably guess what percentage ever show up in court.

For purposes of clarity, this policy is not the choice of the Phoenix cops out on the street, the officers who risk their lives every day trying to actually enforce the law. This inane policy is mandated by Operations Order 1.4.3 as created by Chief Harris and supported by Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon.

The police officers union adamantly opposes this policy, but they are ignored and suppressed.

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