Wake up the peeps: Thanks. Regular citizens like me ignore what's really going on. People, please wake up! It's hurting our state that we can have these people in our public offices.
Erika Page, via the Internet

Power corrupts: It just goes to show that power in the wrong hands corrupts. The next thing you know, they will have us all running around in short pants shouting, "Joe is God!"

Frankly, I think that instead of taking it to the Arizona attorney general, all this should be taken to the U.S. Attorney and the FBI to investigate the multitude of injustices by Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Joe.

Click on the image above to view a letter from a Joe Arpaio supporter.
Click on the image above to view a letter from a Joe Arpaio supporter.

They make me not want to vote. As for what Joe did to Dan Saban, all I can say is: From what I have heard of Saban, he is a fine leader who has integrity and loyalty. What was done to him is a shame, and I hope that he runs against Joe again and wins. This is not a police state.
Eliza Angel, via the Internet

Nor will we, Anonymous: This really, absolutely blows me away! How stupid can one county be? I guess maybe it's just the San Francisco liberal in me who's just screaming! The sheriff and Thomas have got to go.

Because (beware!) you have no rights in this county. "Enemies List" paints the entire picture! I've never voted for Joe Arpaio, and I never will.
Name withheld by request

If you don't vote, you're part of the problem: If we are to get rid of corrupt tyrants like Candy and Joke, we can't sit back expecting an investigation by the state or feds to do it for us. If that even happened, it would take well over a year. Next year, we all have the chance to vote this scum out of office.

Don't expect other people to wake up and go out and vote for Dan Saban and whoever runs against Candy. Make sure you are registered, then get off your ass and put your vote where your mouth is. Really, you don't even need to do it on Election Day; you can ask for a mail-in ballot.

If you can't be bothered to vote, then shut up about it, because you aren't helping anything. You can bet your ass and the farm that every hardheaded brainless geezer in Sun City and Sun Lakes will be out there voting for both idiots.

Only you and the rest of us can make a change at the polls. We can be rid of both of them in a year!
Name withheld by request

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name withheld by request
name withheld by request

While I have no love for Sheriff Joe and, yes, I have met him let's consider this. He has enforced laws that the Phoenix PD will not (busting illegal aliens comes to mind). Provides extra patrols at the Malls during the holidays when some crimes like theft rise in frequency. Effected a 'raid' in the township of Aguila where crime is rampant and impeding business (we are a capitalist nation where the dollar reigns supreme).Yes, Joe is an egotistical dictator in the County that falls short of my expectations of what a Sheriff should be, but considering the inaction of Phoenix PD and the less than stellar performance of our Governor to secure our southern border 'Ol Joe looks good in comparison.

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