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A wild mushroom sandwich was the only straight-up vegan option on the sandwich list, although you could substitute baked tofu for any meat. My friend said it was the best vegetarian sammy he'd ever eaten, and indeed, it was outstanding, fragrant with garlic and pesto and fresh dill. On the proudly carnivorous end of the spectrum, I loved the tender, thick cuts of roast beef tucked into a sandwich with beets, blue cheese, and balsamic.

Salmon with heirloom tomatoes, daikon, and horseradish-black sesame aioli tasted light and clean, while the free-range turkey, topped with plump cranberries and smothered with hemp-nut mayo and vegan cream cheese, was deceptively rich — you'd never guess it contained no dairy products.

Healthful, organic food usually comes with a dose of hippie discipline, but I couldn't help but notice how the food at The Center Bistro tasted like a guilty pleasure — no sacrifice necessary.

Tempe tastemakers: Chef Damon ­Brasch (left), Jennifer Rogers and ­Robert Black of The Center Bistro sit down to a table full of organic treats.
Jackie Mercandetti
Tempe tastemakers: Chef Damon ­Brasch (left), Jennifer Rogers and ­Robert Black of The Center Bistro sit down to a table full of organic treats.

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The Center Bistro

21 E. 6th St., Ste 114
Tempe, AZ 85281

Category: Restaurant > Modern America

Region: Tempe


Salmon flatbread: $10
Turkey sandwich: $12
Artichoke caesar: $10
Karmic colada: $6
480-491-5591, »web link
Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to midnight
The Center Bistro, 21 East Sixth Street, Tempe

What's not to love?

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actually in reality, while there are a few good points to the center bistro, mostly it fails to meet the standards of excellence and goodness that TRULY organic and nourishing restaurants provide. First of all, the food is not 99.99% organic, but 70 at best. Sometimes that number fluctuates as low as 40%. But really, once a non organic food item is mixed with an organic one, it is no longer organic. Anyways, the center bistro has a filthy dishroom, and most of the employees rarely wash their hands. The produce is never cleaned, which means, thats right, your big yummy salad being sold to you as fresh & clean and organic is actually just souping around in all its field squirms . Pay attention to whether or not the kitchen is clean before you get seated! Youll be able to tell, since its all on display for everyone to see!!! And watch out for the smoothies! Slimy moldy non organic berries and mucky frozen stuffs are the contents of these 6.50 a pop questionable treats. How about that for honesty and integrity?