Dimonet, and Phunk Junkeez are scheduled to perform on Friday, December 28.
Sugar Daddy's in Scottsdale
This East Valley quartet labels its music as "rock/funk/jazz," but it's easy enough to file their self-titled debut under just good ol' "rock." Many of the songs feature piano alongside precise rock guitar hooks and funky bass lines, along with memorable lyrics like "Revolving doors of whores and deadbeat guys" (from "Empty Space," a cheeky romp on the ivories akin to a Ben Folds Five song). Some songs, like "This Morning," sound more full than others, with its slinky bass groove and epic pop-rock chorus reminiscent of Mute Math or a funkier Coldplay (sample lyric: "This morning, there is blood across the bed"). Other songs veer away from the clean indie-rock vibe, most notably "Forever," which sets acoustic guitar and vocals that are half-rapped atop a popping drum beat. Singer Mitchell Bogner's nasal vocals help make the tune resemble something Bloodhound Gang might record if they tried to keep straight faces. The most blatantly rockin' number here is "Something's Got to Give," which is layered with crazy keys and keeps pace with any pop punk/ska song worth its salt. Overall, this is a solid — if not somewhat sonically scattered — debut for Dimonet.
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Did this writer even research the band? She says it's their "debut" album and they have like 3 other albums. This band has been around for like 10 years. It's cool for the band to get press but man the press needs to do a better job of representing local music.


It's great to finally hear something about these guys!! I'm looking forward to seeing them blow up the valley!! Thanks for all your support of local music!! CHEERS!!

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