Letters From the Issue of Thursday, January 3, 2008


Morally Reprehensible is his middle name: I'd heard many negative things about Sheriff Joe Arpaio for years, and what you've exposed, in detail, is truly shocking (see the "Target Practice" series). I know New Times has a hard-on for Arpaio, but if you can document every thing in the "Inhumanity Has a Price" article, it's morally reprehensible for Arpaio to run this kind of a jail, and just plain stupid management.

It seems no one in this country cares about who's in jail until it's someone they know, or it's themselves. The attitude is: "They're all garbage; they're getting what they deserve!" But New Times has rightly pointed out that the vast majority of people are awaiting trial for alleged crimes.

Someone who has been deprived of his or her freedom is legally entitled to a safe and healthy environment. The out-of-control pest problems, coupled with lack of proper healthcare and the rampage of MRSA, should be enough to shut down Maricopa County jails.

I've thought for years that Joe's Tent City — and the conditions in it — constituted cruel and unusual punishment, and I've wondered if his recidivism rate was any better than the norm. Now I know my suspicions were correct [because the "Inhumanity" story proves that his jail policies have done nothing to curb recidivism].

Any viable opponent who can run against Joe and can run the jails properly without incurring lawsuits will get my vote in the next election.
Laine Lawless, Mesa

Make Joe hunt the roaches and rats: In my perfect world, the sheriff will be tried, convicted, and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in his own jail and made to face the wrath of victims and their families. He will be paid $1 an hour for working 16 hours a day, without protective clothing, ridding the facility of vermin with industrial-strength disinfectants.

All his earnings will be returned to a taxpayer-reimbursement fund. Additionally, he will wear pink tutus in public, eat cockroach-infested bologna sandwiches, be bitten by spiders and left to languish without medical attention.

The "Inhumanity Has a Price" article needs to be headlined throughout all print and electronic media. Maricopa County voters should re-examine their value system.
Donna Downing, via the Internet

Put the monster in solitary: Why does Phoenix stand for this animal [Joe Arpaio] to care for human beings, when he is not one himself?

The government continues to be in charge of these jails. This monster should be put in solitary, never to be heard from again. I hope the poor people who are jailed by the pig continue to sue the pants off [Maricopa County].
Marilyn Smith, via the Internet

It's up to you. Vote him out: I am a native of Phoenix. I've followed New Times for over a decade. I know more about Joe Arpaio's inept, incompetent, ignorant, inexcusable ass than I ever wanted to. But I have no choice. This guy whores himself out to the local broadcast channels anytime he feels he's relevant to anything. This time, it's illegal aliens. He's constantly in our faces. Constantly.

The people of Maricopa County are fed up with this poor excuse for a man. The waste of skin and bones. This waste of a life. Everybody I know is sick of this pompous, cruel, criminally insane asshole. I say, this time around, if you're really serious about voting his sorry ass out of office, make Election Day a sick day [from work] and get your ass in that voting booth. I know I'm going to. Talk without action is simply inaction.
C.T. Black, via the Internet

We hope so, too: Welcome to the dark side of law enforcement. Kudos to New Times for boldly standing up to [law enforcement] terrorism. Do Phoenix authorities believe they can do as they please to whomever they target, with nary a care for legal consequences?

The [news] regarding Arpaio's costly reign of terrorism will hopefully be a revelation to those who rest their heads upon the altar of law and order.
Paul Vincent Zecchino, Manasota Key, Florida

Most amazing thing since 1942: Anyone who still supports Joe Arpaio is either just as corrupt, immoral and mean as he is or has a personality disorder that prevents him or her from admitting mistakes. The fact that he is still sheriff is probably the most amazing thing that I have known in my life, and I'm 65 years old!

Peggy Simpson, via the Internet


Just call him Norman: Hi, Bird. I thought I would ask you a question that has been nagging me for a bit. Why is it racist to have pride in the fact that you are white ("Pearce's Ready," The Bird, December 6)? Why is it okay to have the NAACP, ACLU, and Anti-Defamation League, but it is not right to have a support group for white people?

I have pride in my Norman grandfathers and don't understand why my friends of different color label me as racist when I ask this question. You are an educated man who probably doesn't have time for stupid questions, but I would be grateful if you helped me understand why.

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Dee Rad
Dee Rad

Joe is doing his job. Punishing people who do things illegally. That means being in the US illegally. It's the law. If he didn't arrest or deport people that are doing things illegal then you would call him a coward. Or maybe many people think that he should only arrest american citizens for doing something illegal. After all our prison's and jails are filled with people who do something illegal (against the law). So does it mean that only the illegal immigrants don't get arrested. That means anyone from any other country that is here illegally. IF THIS IS THE CASE THEN I GUESS ALL AMERICAN'S OR BLEEDING HEARTS SHOULD TELL JOE TO OPEN ALL HIS CELLS & DOORS IN THE JAILS AND THE PRISONS AND LET ALL INMATES GO HOME. AFTER ALL THEY ONLY DID SOMETHING ILLEGAL.ANYONE WHO THINKS ILLEGAL DOESN'T MEAN ILLEGAL SHOULD GO HAVE A BRAIN SCAN AND SEE WHAT YOUR REAL PROBLEM IS. ASU SHOULD ALSO BE PUNISHED AND THE STATE OF AZ. IF THEY ALLOW ANYONE HERE ILLEGALLY TO STAY IN COLLEGE. GO HOME TO WHEREEVER THEY ARE FROM AND GO TO THEIR OWN COUNTRY TO GET EDUCATED. DOES ANYONE THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT IF THOUSANDS/MILLIONS OF AMERICANS CAN GO TO MEXICO AND DEMAND MEXICO TO TEACH US SPANISH LET ALONE GIVE US FREE HOUSING, TAXES, MEDICAL, SCHOOLING AND MORE. NO !!! BECAUSE I GUESS EVEN MEXICO IS CONSISTANT IN THEIR LAWS. STOP BLEEDING HEARTS. AMERICA WILL BE NO MORE IF ALL THIS CONTINUES.


Don't ever get the mistaken idea that all of the Sheriff Joke and Candy Thomas haters are jailbirds. That is just the typical mindset of the average narrow minded brainless Joe fan. There are plenty of MCSO employees like myself who dispise and disapprove of the Joke, as well as County Atty. employees who dispise Candy. Remember, the employees who are against these corrupt, self serving publicity hounds are seeing everything first hand; -we know.

Jim Cozzolino
Jim Cozzolino

This is just another typical ongoing MO for Bozo Jokes paid trolls, they surf the internet, post positive things about Bozo Joke Arpaio and tell everyone the negative facts being reported by honest sources are lies. Everybody lies except Bozo Joke Arpaio is what the Arpaio & the Arpaio Trolls expect and want everyone to believe. Then when they are challenged to show what is being reported isn't the truth, they never provide anything that backs up anything they had to say, they change the subject or slide back under the rock they slithered out from to begin with. It�s another example of the waste of Maricopa County tax payers money to try and make Bozo Joke look good and try to take the attention off how many of his Stunts and Constitutional Violations have been clearly proven already�. to the tune of 41 million in Tax Payer Dollars that have been paid out so far because of this Buffoon. Which Maricopa County, without a doubt will certainly see more of in settlements as more time goes by caused by Bozo Joke and his Goons. People are finally starting to see through the Bozo Joke Arpaio propaganda machine and the nitwits that do his bidding. They have been doing this for years on www.arpaio.com The sad part is Arpaio and his Goons all believe their own lies no matter how much proof is put in front of them. Arpaio lies and the rest of the Goons swear to it. As Lisa Allen once said, Nobody educated votes for Bozo Joke Arpaio, how right she is. I think it's the only thing she's ever been right about. Something�s are certain in life. Death, Taxes and the HUGE CIVIL SETTLEMENTS will continue as long as Bozo Joke Arpaio is in office. The first two we can do little about, the last one we can as voters with conscience, ethic�s and morals. Vote No More Bozo Joke Arpaio in 2008. Piss on Joe Arpaio and his Goons��


That's kind of the point, Lori. Plenty of decent people have been to jail or have loved ones who have been, and a lot of those people were never found guilty. They are in there to protect the public while the investigation proceeds, not to be abused and humiliated. It's just freaking amazing that Arpaio's supporters can't put themselves in those shoes.


And I can bet everyone here that's bashing our fair Sheriff is, was, or knows someone who is a criminal....if you don't like the jails, and the way they are run, and the roaches, and bad food, then don't commit the crime...stay out of them...it's just that simple. Sheriff Joe is the only one willing to do something about the crime...he's the only one willing to fight for his county's people with the illegal issue....he's the best thing that could happen to Maricopa County and I, for one, and the rest of us law abiding citizens love Sheriff Joe and Andrew Thomas, because they fight for what is right...

He gets my vote....

Jim Cozzolino
Jim Cozzolino

Fuck Arpaio and all the Parasites that cling to him.

While Arpaio and Thomas are in office, there will be no justice, only abuse, only payouts and the continued puke that spills from their mouths.

I hope people will remember this is in November 2008, when we'll have a chance to send these pricks packing. Jail would be better, but packing will do.

I only hope.....

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