The troll-like Pearce, who gets his jollies playing bully toward Mexican immigrants and passing insane state statutes like the AZ employment sanctions law, meant to "shrink" AZ's economy, couldn't run with the big dawgs, especially a congressional incumbent as well-spoken and rico suave as Flake.

Republican insiders consulted by The Bird speculated that Pearce had, so far, raised only a fraction of the campaign war chest of $750K Flake already has. In addition, despite Pearce being buds with party chairman Randy Pullen, the state party was not prepared to support the Mesa muttonhead in a divisive bid against Flake.

Asked months ago about the Pearce for Congress Exploratory Committee, one upper-echelon Republican told this wing-man, "You watch. Pearce will go explore some other possibilities."

Lessee here . . . three-aught-decimal point-aught-four, and eleven-decimal point-three-five equals . . . ?
Stephen Lemons
Lessee here . . . three-aught-decimal point-aught-four, and eleven-decimal point-three-five equals . . . ?

Pearce told the Trib that, "It's just not a good time for me and my family." Aww, Russ, did you hear your mama callin' too?

In the Trib item, Pearce fumed against Flake's support of compromise immigration legislation, and spewed that he could've beaten the libertarian-minded representative.

Heh. It's one thing when you're picking on poor Mexican migrants, devising ever-new and sadistic ways of punishing them for crossing the border to pick our vegetables, clean our hotels, and cook our food. It's another thing entirely when you have to take on someone who's younger, better looking, better liked, and smarter.

Like Pearce, Flake's a conservative, a GOP stalwart, and a Mormon, but unlike Pearce, Flake's not an embarrassment to those labels.

Pearce hates Mexicans so much that he's now turned to ways of taking it out on their kids. In defiance of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which holds that all "persons" born on American soil are American citizens, he wants the Legislature to forbid hospitals from issuing birth certificates for babies born in the U.S. to migrant parents.

Pearce's bigotry is also apparent from his affiliation with neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, and in circulating an e-mail back in '06 from the National Alliance. Pearce's tried pooh-poohing his relationship with Ready, who has a page on, "an online community for whites, by whites," and who recently was photographed demonstrating at a neo-Nazi rally in Omaha, Nebraska.

As this beak-bearer predicted, Ready's turning into Pearce's Willie Horton, a neo-Nazi albatross Pearce may never get off his neck, especially since The Bird photographed the pair working an anti-immigration event together last June (see "Racist Daisy- Chain," November 22, 2007).

Recently, right-wing talk-radio station 550 KFYI got in on the action, when during a morning show, conservative host Barry Markson, filling in for über-right-wing alter kocker Barry Young, questioned Pearce's judgment in not disassociating himself from the two-ton turd reicher Ready. Pearce himself called in toward the end of the hour, telling Markson that Ready meant well, despite being a white supremacist, and that, furthermore, Ready had been following him around during that demo in June.

What a crybaby! And this is the guy who wants children to suffer because of their undocumented parents? Pearce won't own responsibility for his unsavory pals, or his own cowardice in not facing off against Flake. He doesn't deserve to represent a tree stump, much less the 6th Congressional District. Or his District 18 statehouse seat, for that matter.


Just when The Bird thought he'd never have to write about Anderson's Fifth Estate again, owner Tom Anderson up and converts his staid '80s danceteria into a revamped gay club called Club Forbidden.

This cock-of-the-rock hasn't been so confused since Neil Patrick Harris, a.k.a. Doogie Howser, revealed he was a bun-tosser. Though, as Jerry Seinfeld once famously opined, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Indeed, any way you slice that wiener, Forbidden's a step up culturally from Anderson's, which since this vulture's been in the Valley, has mostly catered to liquored-up fortysomethings trolling for a hook-up. Any alternative to that crowd is more than welcome.

But what the eff was the last year-plus about if Anderson's was gonna go all Tim Gunn on us in the end? Sheesh, first, Anderson kicks transgender activist Michele de LaFreniere et amis out of his club because someone was peeing standing up in the gal's bog. Then he kvetches up a storm as de LaFreniere and her fellow trannies picket the place. Eventually, de LaFreniere hits Anderson with a discrimination complaint, and Anderson bitches about lawyer fees.

Over the summer, Anderson cancels a gig at the last minute by Psychic TV — whose lead singer, Genesis P-Orridge, is transgender — because of the ruckus he thinks it will cause. (The clueless Anderson didn't know Psychic TV from Aerosmith, it seems.)

In November, there's a truce in the tranny toilet wars, and Anderson makes the supposedly grand gesture of turning a single-use pissoir on his premises into an all-sexes stall. In turn, de LaFreniere drops the discrimination complaint with Attorney General Terry Goddard's office.

Then shortly after Xmas, Anderson's becomes a gay club, making the whole controversy seem as retarded Snoop Dogg's new reality show. (Hey, Snoop ain't no Ozzy Osbourne!)

The Bird called Tom Anderson to ask why all this dumbass drama when he was gonna end up goin' gay anyhow. But Anderson's not returning calls.

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Cindy Travis
Cindy Travis

Hey "Taxpayer Citizen", this is an article you retard, not his blog.

taxpayer citizen
taxpayer citizen

Ok, I understand.

I was just being contrary for the sake of being contrary. But unlike debate club, peoples lives are actually being affected by these discussions and the people they influence.

Thanks for explaining it to me.


"Lemmons quotes the 14th amendment that all "persons" born on American soil are citizens, but he forgots to mention the phrase "and subject to the juridisdiction thereof", and forgot to mention that the original meaning and intent of the law was to make the children of former slaves citizens, not to enable a mass ethnic invasion of our country by another in the form of anchor babies."

Weather the law was intended for slaves at that time you will not find anywhere in the sections of the law refer it as "for slaves" it doesn't even have the word slave anywhere because it was ALSO created to prevent from denying citizenship to anybody in the future not just slaves but Jewish, Mormons, etc. nowhere in the section it mentions to whom it specifically applies so therefore until the 14th Amendment is change to specify and say that it doesn't apply to anybody who's parents are illegal, until then anybody who is born in U.S. Soil is protected under the great 14th Amendment!, here's the Section 1 of the 14th amendment.

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Taxpayer Citizen
Taxpayer Citizen

So much for Stephen Lemons vaunted blog... dead as a ghost town when the hard questions are asked.

Taxpayer Citizen
Taxpayer Citizen

Lemons states that illegals "cross our borders to pick our vegetables, clean out hotels and cook our food".

Can Lemmons document what percentage of illegals actually work in any of those three occupations?

In addition, how many vegetables are there to be picked in the Phoenix Metro Area, where the vast majority of illegals appear to live?

Also, how about the gangbangers, drug cartels, coyotes and fecund women... are they just here to perform menial labor, or are their demands for welfare, medical, benefits, housing, eduction, voting rights and citizenship just a ruse to distract us from their attempt to corner the menial labor market?

If so, why has the hispanic crime rate gone up consistently with the influx of illegals?

Also, if illegals are just here to perform menial labor, then whey do they need in state tuition at our colleges and universities?

What menial job requires a college degree?

Lemmons quotes the 14th amendment that all "persons" born on American soil are citizens, but he forgots to mention the phrase "and subject to the juridisdiction thereof", and forgot to mention that the original meaning and intent of the law was to make the children of former slaves citizens, not to enable a mass ethnic invasion of our country by another in the form of anchor babies.

Such an abuse of the law is clearly a subversion of it's original meaning and intent, so Lemmons argument is suspect at best.

Lemmons questions Pearces association with Ready and pro-white groups, but is Lemmons also ready to question Barack Obamas affiliation with pro-black groups?

Then when Ready offers the plausible explanation that it was Ready who was following him [Pearce] around at the anti-immigration event, Lemmons ignores this plausible explanation and resorts to an ad-hominem attacks of calling Pearce a "crybaby", as well as a "punk".

Is that what passes for respectable "journalism" in the offices of the New Times?

If so, it's no wonder that the vast majority of Maricopa County residents don't take the New Times political opinions seriously, and continue to vote for Sheriff Arpaio, Andrew Thomas, Russell Pearce, and anti-illegal alien legislation... because the Lemmons and the New Times opposition to these officials on this issue is absolutely substanceless.


Does Nickel Bag Joe really use Grecian Formula? If so that might explain why he acts like such a buffoon. That stuff is full of nasty lead and was pulled off of store shelves in Europe.

If he has been plastering that smelly stuff on his head for the last decade he could be suffering from lead poisoning which would make him act like a 'tard.

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