Belle Bottoms

Modern-day hippies save the world — and look good doing it

“Hippie chic” was once an exercise in irony, since there was nothing fashionable about the reality. Patchouli-drenched, unwashed tie-dye shirts. Burlap-like hemp shoes. Crusty denim jeans. “Sustainable” just meant how long it was possible to go without a shower. As a result, there was no runway here, just a stifled urge to run away.

Downtown’s Bunky Boutique proves that it’s possible to rock the red carpet and save the Earth at the same time during its Go Fashionably Green Fashion Show. Hosted by Channel 3’s Carey Peña, the event will feature some of the hippest planet-pleasing organic and recycled threads, including work by Angela Johnson, Armour Sans Anguish, Hippy Tree, and Preloved.

Sat., Jan. 19, 9:30 p.m., 2008
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