Pat Green

Pat Green
Pat Green


Pat Green is scheduled to perform on Thursday, January 17 .
Venue of Scottsdale
The wave that this Texas-born singer/songwriter has ridden for the past few years isn't bad, considering he's someone who began seriously pursuing a professional career only after being fired (by his stepfather, who thought he needed a push) from his day job as a gas wholesaler. Green is unique because he chose to build his career independently with a grassroots following that relied more on word-of-mouth buzz than big media campaigns, and that direction continued even after he signed with a major label and had enough clout to sell out concert halls around the country. On Cannonball (Sony/BMG), his latest release, he decided to turn a page by taking his music in a different, radio-friendly direction, clearly influenced by his tour with The Dave Matthews Band. In a live setting, he seems to prefer a straightforward approach, which suits the sing-along nature of his music. There are no gimmicks like dancers or cutesy outfits; the music speaks for itself. His audience clearly appreciates it, as one notices via the various live YouTube videos posted by his many fans.
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