"We are following up on some leads. Nobody has moved from lead to suspect," Tranter says. He adds that police are also waiting for results from chemical tests of Taylor's clothes, to see if he'd been doused in alcohol.

Matt Mignanelli

As for Wayne Liersch, he cleaned up the ash and blood Aaron Taylor left behind. Then he quit his job.

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Nimoy Thorn
Nimoy Thorn

My name is Nimoy I knew Arron Tayler four years. I met him 2004 when I had moved to The Summit Apartment Homes right down on Windrose and Paradise Village PKWY W. I am in a power wheelchair. Some of you may remember me. Arron Taylor was NOT suicidle and was a nice man and Just because he was homeless they wanna rool this a suicide? NOT RIGHT. Where is justice served here. Three young rich boy's get away with murder. Just because he splept outside instead of being in four attached walls. WRONG and my appinon this case should be reopened up. Let someone violate there probation they will hunt you down throw you in jail for that though but it's ok to kill someone why just become there homeless? NO I better not give my appinon of what I think of are Wonderful phoenix police department.

And I know for a fact that no cpr was performed on arron taylor when fire department got there because my caregiver and I were there and were the ones who told this man to call 911 there is a man on fire he was dead before fire department arrived there. And they only sprayed water on his burning body. So they can't even get that story on here right how do you exspect a profetional oppinon to be desided here.

They were not interested in helping him from the minute they noticed he was a homeless guy. It's pathedic.


Subway on Cactus Road near Tatum Boulevard.we know one of the guys how was there how say he did it and he was the one that lite him on fire.we know how pored the alcohol on him and lite him on fire and this guy is not in jail why ?there was 5 of them not 3they say there was a 24 year old not somark 22 was the oldest and brian was there

i know how was the one that pored the alcohol on him and lite him on fire


that was one of my best friend, the pv area wont ever be the same without him, i know the little bastards who did this shit too, bunch of rich fucking kids always messin with him. those mutherfucker are going to die a slow painful death, count on it.


This is and was my first born son and tho he chose the freedom of life on the streets, he did not choose to end his life this way. Why are we still waiting for test results and why have these 3 individuals not been brought in for some serious questioning especially when they were with him right before the 911 call???? These are not just throw away people that no one cared about.....these are our sons and daughters and they have people who love and care about them. IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS EVEN IF YOU THINK ITS NOT IMPORTANT, PLEASE CONTACT THE PHOENIX VIOLENT CRIMES UNIT OR CRIME STOPPERS. HELP MY BRING JUSTICE FOR MY SON AARON BERNELL BEARDALL AKA AARON TAYLOR.


erik d
erik d

Truly one of the most disturbing stories I have ever read.

What is going on in this Valley?

Right after I left, serial killers were on the loose.

Now I come back and people are burning the homeless to death.

Is it me, or has crime gotten more prevalent and brutal in the last five years?

The last 10 years?

Now I remember why I never used to read the newspapers... it seems like this world is going off the rails.


to those who r fucking around with the homeless come fuck with us we homeless to up in the 361 but we stand up to muther fuckers like those that did that brutal crime fuck u putos frum all th homeless in c.c. tx. p.s. homeless r us bitches!!!!!!

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