Agreed, we're dealing with different historical contexts. Compared to the Nuremburg laws or Jim Crow in the American South or apartheid in South Africa or ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia, Pearce's cruelty pales.

But the Mesa moonhowler keeps trying to up his cruelty quotient. Take, for instance, HB 2625, which sanctions landlords renting to illegals. A landlord who doesn't check a renter's immigration status could receive a civil penalty of up to $250 for each day of violation. Effectively, if you rent to someone who is undocumented, the state could bankrupt you.

There's also House Concurrent Resolution 2039, a ballot measure forcing cops to check arrestees for immigration status. If some city doesn't want their police acting like the local Gestapo and asking for papers like in some Hogan's Heroes rerun, all state money to that municipality's police force will be axed.

HCR 2039 also makes illegals illegal. There's already a federal law, Title 8, section 1325, which makes it unlawful for an alien to enter the country illegally. Basically, it's a minor offense, with a civil penalty of "at least $50 and not more than $250 for each such entry."

Under Pearce's proposal, a local law enforcement agency can either turn over the illegal to the feds, or refer him or her for prosecution. First offense would be a class-1 misdemeanor. Second offense, a class-4 felony. There are prison terms, fines and assessments of court costs against those convicted. How they're going to squeeze the last two out of some poor Mexican who crossed the desert to work for birdseed is beyond this bald eagle.

Additionally, there's HB 2045, which requires "handymen" to be registered and in the country legally, even if the total cost of the work they're doing fails to exceed $1,000. That's an obvious swipe at day laborers, whose only crime is wanting to bust their asses for lazy ofays willing to pay. (Pearce is only a co-sponsor on this one, but it fits with the master plan.)

Let's face it, in Arizona, the word "illegal" as applied to an individual is quickly becoming the de facto equivalent of "subhuman." But for this tweeter, the only "subhumans" involved here are those helping fellow troglodyte Pearce get his trash-legislation passed.

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