Aiello's desserts were classic, the kind of decadent Italian treats that go best with a shot of espresso. (Mine was served with a twist of lemon rind — a nice old-school touch.) Gelato from Berto's was agreeable, as was the chocolate pyramid, a potent piece of mini-architecture filled with chocolate mousse. I also liked the housemade Italian cheesecake, made with ricotta. It was much lighter than traditional New York cheesecake, which came as a relief after such a big dinner. In the end, the unassuming cannoli hit the right note, with smooth, lightly sweet cream inside a crisp pastry shell.

Meet the Aiellos: Chef Joe and his wife, Myrah, serve Italian food with a smile.
Jackie Mercandetti
Meet the Aiellos: Chef Joe and his wife, Myrah, serve Italian food with a smile.

Location Info


Aiello's East Coast Italian Dining

5202 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Category: Restaurant > Italian

Region: Central Phoenix


Mozzarella carozza: $7
Orechiette fagioli: $14
Veal saltimbocca: $20
Italian cheesecake: $8
602-277-8700, »web link
Hours: (lunch) Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.; (dinner) Monday through Saturday, 4 to 10 p.m., Sunday, 4 to 9 p.m.
Aiello's Fine Italian Dining, 5202 North Central Avenue

With luscious food, accessible prices, and an inviting atmosphere, Aiello's is more classy neighborhood joint than high-end dining destination. But even if it's not in your own backyard, it's worth a visit.

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Joe is your basic Italin chef/cook. He knows is way around the kitchen asd his a wonderful host. I would to see Joe be more creative with his entres and expand his wine list to include a more diversified seledtion. Most people do not know this but the Famous Rondel Sheridan, comic/actor got his early star in comedy at one of Joe' other NYC restaurants.

The Food Hunter
The Food Hunter

I've eaten at Aiello's twice in the past two weeks and I'm look forward to a third time real soon. The food is delicious. The bolognese was my favorite until I had the cavatelli with Sunday gravy. It's very similar to what I make a home. It's true east coast Italian. Aiello's is kind of a far drive for me coming from the NW valley but not as far as going back to the east coast. I'm really happy with Aiello's and hope they're around for a long while.



wow..some really bad typos and writing errors in my first comment. that's what happens with stream of consciousness essays. but i stand by my review. really nice people, average place to eat. along with the pasta bolongese, my date had spaghetti vongola..clams with red sauce. she thought it was ok at best..for 4 dollars more i would have experimented with linguini fradiavlo. hot antipastos were 34 bux..cold 28. that would make chris bianco blush. another good italian eatery with an excellent halibut with saffron sauce is thats italiano..on indian school around 40th st. the halibut at aiellos is around 26 dollars if i remember, nicely served with clams and mussels..but the piece of halibut was enough for lunch..not dinner.

matt ganis
matt ganis

i went here a couple of times since i live right down the street. and i was not as impressed. the pasta bolongese..which is a good barometer of how an italian restaurants operate. The service was friendly, no doubt. but the value for the price was less than what i expect. i would prefer spending a few more dollars and enjoy a dinner at marcellino's on 13th st and northern..or spend a few dollars less and enjoy a better meal at a neighborhood place like pino's on thomas and 1st avenue..especially when pino has halibut as his special of the day. aiello's was crowded so it may appear the standards of criticism among my neighbors are not as severe as mine. it's not the olive garden..thank goodness..but i walked out still hungary...and not being a huge guy..that's never a good sign. it replaced panino's which made the mistake of having even smaller portions at even bigger and ridiculous prices. so it's a step in the right direction. I can see why they did not make it in new york..with billions of italin competitors,this place would not attract any attention. average at best!