Ultra DJ Spin Off

DJ Tranzit will contend for the Ultra DJ Spin Off crown on Friday at Myst.
DJ Tranzit will contend for the Ultra DJ Spin Off crown on Friday at Myst.
Normally, we avoid pimping our company's shit in this column (so as to avoid becoming soulless corporate shills and all), but we figured y'all would let us slide on plugging our annual Ultra DJ Spin Off on Friday, February 15, at Myst, 7340 East Shoeman Lane in Scottsdale. A half-dozen of P-town's top turntablists will utilize their own original mixes to show off their beat-juggling talents and scratching skills in a massive DJ battle royale. Consider it a contest of survival of the phattest, with the winner nabbing a primo spinning gig at next month's Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The competitors include DJs Sonique des Fleurs, Tranzit, D'Strick, Soloman, Hazardous, and Casper. Last year's winner, Sol Martinez, will also perform a headlining set. The beat battling begins at 10 p.m. with a $10 cover.
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DJ rigged competition set up by "New Times." The "New Times" plans on sending one of AZ's top drug dealing, coke sniffing, 92.7/101.1 energy program directing fallacious deejays to South Beach to infect the good people of Ultra to their mediocre demo biting unoriginal sets that we have to listen to throughout this city. Everyone knows TRANZVESTITE is a hack of a dj as well as an unemployed full-time dj part time weed dealer sniffing coke to get by and Sonique...well all we can say is that she didn't get a half a** show on energy because she's good at stroking the vinyl...and for the rest of the crowd spinning at Myst ...Who the hell are they?!? Come on New Times there's actual artists and true music out there than just the crack heads that play dj one night a week? This isn't Fisher Price I'm a dj now...For lack of better words this was the biggest farce of a competition AZ has ever seen!

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