Forced March

Jesus, do we have to play these stiffs?

Welcome to the NBA’s doldrums. The buzz of All-Star festivities has worn off, and it’s not quite the season’s home stretch, when the jockeying for high seeding in the Western Conference playoffs reaches a fever pitch. Plus, it’s March, when baseball saturates our desert air and high-stakes hoops of the collegiate variety steals the hardwood spotlight for a month.

So, what’s to keep our interest in the Phoenix Suns during this fallow time, when the dregs of the leagues -- like the Philadelphia 76ers -- blow through town? Well, there is that little experiment known as The Shaq Trade. As for the Sixers, well, they were good once upon a time.

Sat., March 1, 7 p.m., 2008
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Nancy Neale
Nancy Neale

I was visitng Phoenix just to catch a Suns game. I read Jay Bennett's piece "Forced March" after the fact. Arrogance is a dangerous thing.

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