The Sexual Devolution

Women jog two steps forward, one step back in Tempe

If you’d told the first bunch of bra-burning, you-go-girl protesters that their granddaughters would pay money to run in a skirt, they would have bopped you on the head with their copies of The Feminine Mystique. But that's exactly what you'll see at the SkirtChaser 5K.

It's ladies first at this urban race, which involves chicks in skirts being dogged by sweaty men. Women start a full three minutes ahead of the men. After the belated start, the chase is on, as dudes (without skirts, natch) race the ladies to the finish line.

The winner snags $500. Registration fees include a skirt and drink tickets for the afterparty. Sorry, guys, you'll have to make it work on your own -- only T-shirts and drink tickets for you.

Fri., Feb. 29, 4 p.m., 2008
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