The Bird catches Darrell Ankarlo butt-smoochin' Sheriff Joe again, relates the latest on the MCSO's Honduran scandal and introduces candidates vying for Candy Thomas' job


How does an administration as unhinged as Sheriff Joe Arpaio's flourish? One reason is the acquiescence of other elected officials. Their unwillingness to question the sheriff allows his noxious weed to thrive in Maricopa County's sandbox.

Take the MCSO's Honduras project, which has cost the county at least $34K in RICO funds — up from $32K the last time The Bird put quill to paper. Spearheaded by Arpaio's two-ton Karl Rove — Chief Deputy David Hendershott — the project's been ongoing since 2006, has involved 10 MCSO pooh-bahs that we know of (up from last week's nine), and nearly 2,700 man-hours from deputies working on the county clock.

Janet and Joe with the Hondurans; David Hendershott is the first on the right.
Janet and Joe with the Hondurans; David Hendershott is the first on the right.

This last bit about the man-hours is from docs recently obtained from MCSO flack Paul Chagolla. Conservatively speaking, if each high-ranking deputy is making $60K per annum (a definite lowball figure), that'd be about $30 an hour, and would mean $81K in county clock time. This is not counting the time-and-a-half of OT hours involved.

So this cranky cockatiel reckons the total bill for Honduras, including RICO and non-RICO funds, is well over $100,000. That's more than $100K for a financially strapped county department that's been cutting expenditures right and left.

The MCSO continues to release documents in dribs and drabs to this quacker, the most recent being a "Strategic Plan" that makes clear the MCSO was overhauling all six bureaus of the Honduran National Police, including patrol, traffic, investigations, training, border patrol, and prisons.

A high-minded "exchange of ideas" is proffered as the rationale, but the sweep of the program, with the MCSO advising Hondurans on every aspect of their police force, suggests something more's afoot. This beaker will bet you a bucket of buffalo wings that these upper-echelon deputies weren't messin' with Honduras out of the goodness of their itty-bitty cast-iron hearts.

Among the newly released docs is a Diploma of Recognition presented to the "Sub-Jefe del Sheriffits David Hendershott" by Honduran officials. Also, there are several letters from Arpaio to various Honduran bigwigs — the Bay Islands governor, the sub-commissioner of police, the secretary of security — that speak of "forging an alliance" and offering "resources that will enhance the local police."

In one letter, Arpaio invited four Honduran cops, all expenses paid by RICO, to Phoenix. While the Honduran po-po were here during the first week in June 2007, Arpaio scored them a gubernatorial proclamation and a photo op with Governor Janet Napolitano.

Why did Nappy do this? According to the Guv's flack, Jeanine L'Ecuyer, the Governor's Office isn't even sure who those Honduran hombres are, and can't identify them in the pic.

"As a courtesy to Sheriff Arpaio," L'Ecuyer stated, "the governor honored a request from his staff to issue a proclamation in recognition of his agency's work with law enforcement in Honduras . . . The governor spent five minutes with the delegation, during which time a photo was taken."

Just so happens that the MCSO's "work with law enforcement in Honduras" was improperly bankrolled by a RICO slush fund. But the Guv has denied knowing anything about RICO funds being used.

Still, it would've behooved Nappy to ask her political ally Arpaio why he was trundling Honduran cops through her offices. Especially since Arpaio's currently using this photo and proclamation to claim the Honduran caper was on the up-and-up. Is Janet hunky-dory with that? Particularly, now that she knows the MCSO was wasting taxpayer and RICO money on this scam?

L'Ecuyer couldn't answer that one.

"It may be useful to know the Governor's Office prepares and presents an average of 450 proclamations per year," she offered, weakly.

So if Sheriff Joe invited Fidel Castro to the PHX, would Janet pose for a pic and give the ex-dictator a scroll? If the sheriff told her to jump off the Luhrs Tower headfirst after making love to a koala bear, would she do it?

She just might. Back when Nappy was U.S. Attorney, she punted on an investigation of Joe's jails. Arpaio returned the favor a few years later when she was running for governor by backing her in a TV ad.

To be fair, the Guv has no authority over the MCSO's use of RICO funds. When it comes to RICO, it's County Attorney Candy Thomas, a.k.a. "Little Joe," who oversees its use by the MCSO, according to state law. Obviously, Candy's office rubber-stamped the MCSO's raid on the RICO piggy bank.

That explains why the County Attorney's Office has been so incredibly slow to turn over public docs on the decision to pay for the Honduran project with RICO scrilla.


But what about the estimated $100,000-plus in MCSO payroll expenditures? That's the purview of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, which rarely, if ever, challenges Joe's malfeasance in office, no matter what it costs the county.

According to Supes PIO Deanne Poulos, there were three occasions when the sheriff's Honduran project was mentioned during Supervisors' meetings.

The first, dated October 17, 2007, dealt with the acceptance of a $4,000 contribution from the sheriff's posse to the MCSO for the Honduran effort. The second, dated January 16, mentioned the donation of surplus MCSO computers to Honduras. The third was on February 4, when a presentation on the Honduran enterprise was made by MCSO muck-a-mucks Deputy Chief Mary Ellen Sheppard, Captain James Miller, and Captain Pat Lopez, who all participated in the project.

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That's because their idiots and too stupid to know the difference.

>>Why is it that whenever we have one of the Arpaio supporters show up here the first thing that comes out of their fucking mouth is "uuuhhmmm! well, mmhhh he is doing something about illegal immigration right...???!!" you idiots! you think that Arpaio going after the fuckng corn vendor makes him a God and he is the best thing that walked the planet.


To the first comment:"why not go back to Cal. where the rest of your ilk are."why don't you go back to North Carolina or whatever the Fuck you came from!

Why is it that whenever we have one of the Arpaio supporters show up here the first thing that comes out of their fucking mouth is "uuuhhmmm! well, mmhhh he is doing something about illegal immigration right...???!!" you idiots! you think that Arpaio going after the fuckng corn vendor makes him a God and he is the best thing that walked the planet.

Stay Focus!

Tony  Alexander
Tony Alexander

Mr. Bird, So if i'm to understand this, "nickel-bag" has done it to me again??? He has put his grubby meat hooks in my pocket, taken my tax dollars and give it to Jaba to run amuck down south. I'm sure their teaching them the finer side of police work, like how to NOT make it out alive after a weekend in the "clink." Ahhhh, elected "officals." Where would we be them...............

now what?
now what?

I wonder if they made sure all information was erased from the computers they gave them?

Gary Klahr
Gary Klahr

Hopefuly the County Demo party will DO something for the County Atty primary winner. 4 years ago they didn't help Don Harris, the nominee---and prominent Demos like Phil Gordon endorsed Thomas. When I was the uncontested Demo nominee in 1992 (see your Oct. 1992 archived story by Dave Walker on that race), I got no help---except the formation of a "Democrats for Romley" Committee that included liberals who should have known better like my "friend" and former anti-jail crusader Dave Tierney!! In hindsight, Romley was MUCH better & fairer than Thomas---although I stand by my criticism of him over the phony Azscam sting and the belated release of the 4 INNOCENT alleged murderers of the Buddhist priests in the West Valley (via false confessions induced by Joe's predecessor, an otherwise-good-pro cop named Tom Agnos). In this Republican county, however, I will bet good $$ that Joe and Candy are re-elected, albeit by small margins. In the meantime, I will be seeking the Demo nomination again for Arcadia-Biltmore JP; incumbent Mike Orcutt is retiring and the district NOW ---for the firsdt time in 20+ years---has a Demo majority.


First is was 30 grand in RICO money, now it's 34 grand. None of which is counting the 81 grand (estimate) of county paid salaries and the over time that also needs to be added to the total costs. How convenient that Arpaio says it's only 30 grand but leaves everything else out. Typical for Arpaio, Hendershott and the Goons. They always seem to lie or leave the facts out of everything they do. What else is new.

Then it starts as 1 millions photo's, now it's 5 million....

How much does it take and how much does it have to cost Maricopa Tax Payers to see how full of shit Arpaio, Hendershott and the Goons are ? How many lies can they continue to get away with before the general public wakes up ? How many people need to die in Mmaricopa County jail ? How many more millions of dollars have to be paid out over the 44 million that has already been paid out in civil suit settlements ?

Arizona voters, got to be the dumbest voters in the world.

The Governor, The Board of Supervisors, their all a joke. Typical politics in Arizona, one lies and they all swear to it while all looking the other way.

They all need to be replaced with politicians that care about the welfare of the public and not their personal agenda�s, if that's possible at all when it comes to politicians.

Obviously none of these leaders have any ethic's or morals and could care less about being laughed at by the rest of the US. They all have made Arizona out to be nothing but a joke full of corrupt politicians.

best run City....yea right, maybe the best City run into the ground might be a better title.

Keep it up Stephen...expose all these worthless assholes for what they truly are.It's time to replace them all......

Lonnie Faubion
Lonnie Faubion

When are you damn pinko liberals going to wake up and smell the coffee? Ya bitch about all the drugs and illegals coming in but yet when someone like sherrif Joe does something to stop it before it get to our state by useing mony that was designated to stop drugs y'all try to blame him for misapropriating funds. If ya need to sell papers that bad why not go back to Cal. where the rest of your ilk are.

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