These MCSO big shots made their case during an "informal meeting" of the Supes. The Bird's blogging Siamese twin, Feathered Bastard, posted the presentation document forked over by PIO Poulos — and it's a humdinger.

The thing starts with the sort of pabulum you'd expect from a Peace Corps pamphlet. Stuff like, "Transnational cultural diversity is a reality for both agencies." And, "With the sharing of cultures also comes the sharing of problems." The doc makes the stunning revelation that some illegal aliens in the United States are from Honduras, and that some of these are involved in crime! (No duh, Dagwood.) Then it persists in this Hendershott-size pant load that MS-13, or Mara Salvatrucha, is a Honduran gang.

Don't take this talon-bearer's word that this is elephant caca. Read what the flippin' FBI has to say on its Web site:

Janet and Joe with the Hondurans; David Hendershott is the first on the right.
Janet and Joe with the Hondurans; David Hendershott is the first on the right.

"MS-13, which started in Los Angeles in the late 1980s, has an estimated 8,000-10,000 members nationwide, mostly Salvadoran nationals or first generation Salvadoran Americans but also including Hondurans, Guatemalans, Mexicans, and other Central and South American immigrants."

The MCSO presentation reads like a cover-your-ass move necessitated by the initial reporting done in January on this subject by both Feathered Bastard and The Bird. The MCSO also trots out the pic of the Guv with the Hondurans, and slyly mentions that it gave a presentation in June to Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, though this plumed penman wonders if this is true. (Wilcox reportedly has been out of town and unable to comment.)

The bottom line for all the Supes is that they've been snoozin' on duty, allowing Arpaio a free pass.

In the February 4 document, the MCSO stated it has used $28,809.35 in RICO funds and $5,252.46 from the Sheriff's Office budget. As The Bird's already demonstrated, these figures are grossly inaccurate.

What did the Supes know and when did they know it?

The above-mentioned discussion of the $4,000 posse gift to the MCSO, and all this stuff about donating MCSO computers to Honduras should have pricked the Supes' ears and got them asking questions. That is, unless they knew all along about the Honduran-RICO mess, just as Arpaio maintains.


Sheriff Joe can always count on ultra-conservative KTAR lip-flapper Darrell Ankarlo to wipe Arpaio's fanny clean with his kisser, even when Joe's been caught with his paw in the RICO cookie jar.

The Bird heard Arpaio growling on KTAR the other day as Ankarlo lapped it all up. Nothing new there. Ankarlo's been an unabashed Joe buttlicker since the hate jock arrived in Phoenix. Even the stink of corruption does not deter him from puckering up to Joe's geriatric hindquarters.

Basically, Ankarlo played Stepin Fetchit to Nickel Bag Joe, letting the geezer cop shoot off his mouth about the training of Honduran police by MCSO deputies, all paid for by the county and RICO money.

"What's 30,000?" asked our spendthrift sheriff, snarling that he's answerable to no one!

Joe justified the Honduran enterprise by claiming that the MCSO has received "millions of photos for our facial recognition" — whatever the hell that means. The number of photos cited by Joe has fluctuated wildly from 1 million to 5 million. Here's a news flash, dunderhead: There are only 7.5 million people in Honduras. So, what, have they photographed all the little old ladies and kiddies, too?

Arpaio always begs off when asked to explain what he's talking about, mumbling some malarkey about the situation's "sensitivity."

The money-shot of this Ankarlo-Arpaio love-fest was Ankarlo's query to Arpaio, "Did one penny of my tax dollars pay for this trip in any way, shape or form?"

Ankarlo was suggesting the nearly $34K in RICO money was a non-issue if there were no "tax dollars" used. Arpaio's response was chock-full of toejam.

"First of all, it was RICO monies . . . We were using that money — $30,000, which is nothing."

Ankarlo followed up with, "Not one penny other than RICO money was used: Yes or no, Sheriff?"

"Well, I don't know, there may be a couple of dollars here or there," Joe fumbled. "But if there was, it was not significant."

"Is that hundreds, thousands, do you know?" wondered Ankarlo.

"No, no, no," insisted the crotchety top constable. "The majority of the money was the RICO money. I don't know if we spent a few bucks otherwise. I doubt it."

Check it, peeps: RICO money is our money! It's money that comes from asset forfeitures from criminals doing bad stuff, and it's supposed to go for specific law enforcement needs — not so MCSO goons can use the excuse of training some other country's cops as a reason to vacay in Honduras on the county's freakin' dime (plus whatever else may be going personal-business-wise down there for any of these Deputy Doofs).

Ankarlo, of course, was clueless that county tax dollars were obviously used to pay for this Honduran adventure.

But the wing-nutty blowhard did correctly note the parentage of the Honduran story.

"Having seen the firestorm," said Ankarlo in a windy wind-up to a softball Q. "And, again, it's no love lost between you and New Times. New Times hates you, and I doubt you even have great aspirations to ever be a reporter for that organization. [Huh?] So New Times comes out, they expose it. And then KTAR, Channel 12, others pick it up."

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That's because their idiots and too stupid to know the difference.

>>Why is it that whenever we have one of the Arpaio supporters show up here the first thing that comes out of their fucking mouth is "uuuhhmmm! well, mmhhh he is doing something about illegal immigration right...???!!" you idiots! you think that Arpaio going after the fuckng corn vendor makes him a God and he is the best thing that walked the planet.


To the first comment:"why not go back to Cal. where the rest of your ilk are."why don't you go back to North Carolina or whatever the Fuck you came from!

Why is it that whenever we have one of the Arpaio supporters show up here the first thing that comes out of their fucking mouth is "uuuhhmmm! well, mmhhh he is doing something about illegal immigration right...???!!" you idiots! you think that Arpaio going after the fuckng corn vendor makes him a God and he is the best thing that walked the planet.

Stay Focus!

Tony  Alexander
Tony Alexander

Mr. Bird, So if i'm to understand this, "nickel-bag" has done it to me again??? He has put his grubby meat hooks in my pocket, taken my tax dollars and give it to Jaba to run amuck down south. I'm sure their teaching them the finer side of police work, like how to NOT make it out alive after a weekend in the "clink." Ahhhh, elected "officals." Where would we be them...............

now what?
now what?

I wonder if they made sure all information was erased from the computers they gave them?

Gary Klahr
Gary Klahr

Hopefuly the County Demo party will DO something for the County Atty primary winner. 4 years ago they didn't help Don Harris, the nominee---and prominent Demos like Phil Gordon endorsed Thomas. When I was the uncontested Demo nominee in 1992 (see your Oct. 1992 archived story by Dave Walker on that race), I got no help---except the formation of a "Democrats for Romley" Committee that included liberals who should have known better like my "friend" and former anti-jail crusader Dave Tierney!! In hindsight, Romley was MUCH better & fairer than Thomas---although I stand by my criticism of him over the phony Azscam sting and the belated release of the 4 INNOCENT alleged murderers of the Buddhist priests in the West Valley (via false confessions induced by Joe's predecessor, an otherwise-good-pro cop named Tom Agnos). In this Republican county, however, I will bet good $$ that Joe and Candy are re-elected, albeit by small margins. In the meantime, I will be seeking the Demo nomination again for Arcadia-Biltmore JP; incumbent Mike Orcutt is retiring and the district NOW ---for the firsdt time in 20+ years---has a Demo majority.


First is was 30 grand in RICO money, now it's 34 grand. None of which is counting the 81 grand (estimate) of county paid salaries and the over time that also needs to be added to the total costs. How convenient that Arpaio says it's only 30 grand but leaves everything else out. Typical for Arpaio, Hendershott and the Goons. They always seem to lie or leave the facts out of everything they do. What else is new.

Then it starts as 1 millions photo's, now it's 5 million....

How much does it take and how much does it have to cost Maricopa Tax Payers to see how full of shit Arpaio, Hendershott and the Goons are ? How many lies can they continue to get away with before the general public wakes up ? How many people need to die in Mmaricopa County jail ? How many more millions of dollars have to be paid out over the 44 million that has already been paid out in civil suit settlements ?

Arizona voters, got to be the dumbest voters in the world.

The Governor, The Board of Supervisors, their all a joke. Typical politics in Arizona, one lies and they all swear to it while all looking the other way.

They all need to be replaced with politicians that care about the welfare of the public and not their personal agenda�s, if that's possible at all when it comes to politicians.

Obviously none of these leaders have any ethic's or morals and could care less about being laughed at by the rest of the US. They all have made Arizona out to be nothing but a joke full of corrupt politicians.

best run City....yea right, maybe the best City run into the ground might be a better title.

Keep it up Stephen...expose all these worthless assholes for what they truly are.It's time to replace them all......

Lonnie Faubion
Lonnie Faubion

When are you damn pinko liberals going to wake up and smell the coffee? Ya bitch about all the drugs and illegals coming in but yet when someone like sherrif Joe does something to stop it before it get to our state by useing mony that was designated to stop drugs y'all try to blame him for misapropriating funds. If ya need to sell papers that bad why not go back to Cal. where the rest of your ilk are.

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