I've already proclaimed my love of foie gras in print, so you can guess what I thought of the foie gras sandwich. It was thin slices of chilled torchon topped with caramelized onions and baby greens, inside a soft sesame roll. The moist, salty smoked duck breast was also delicious, and the chicken breast with Dijon mayo was surprisingly succulent. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on the sandwiches tasted especially good soaked up in the bread.

Scratch also had lovely single-serving quiches inside a thin, tender pastry crust. Quiche Lorraine was quite comforting — warm, eggy, and full of herbs and thinly sliced bits of ham. Meanwhile, the mushroom quiche was all about the 'shrooms, studded with criminis and white buttons.

From Paris, with love: Duc and Noelle Liao celebrate the sweet life at Scratch Pastries.
Jackie Mercandetti
From Paris, with love: Duc and Noelle Liao celebrate the sweet life at Scratch Pastries.

Location Info


Scratch Pastries

7620 E. Indian School Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Category: Restaurant > Bakery

Region: Central Scottsdale


Butter croissant: $2.50
Mont Blanc: $4.50
Duck breast sandwich: $7.50
Mushroom quiche: $8
480-947-0057, »web link
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Scratch Pastries, 7620 East Indian School Road, Scottsdale

All in all, Scratch Pastries was a likable little pit stop for lunch or a dessert break. But the next time I'm there, I'm ordering two croissants.

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Rick Freas
Rick Freas

Loved It! Terrific food, friendly service, comfortable seating.


Don't let the non-Waterfront address fool you... this place is is chic, unique, hip, and casually comfortable. The quiche is fantastic and the desserts are not only delicious but beautiful. I wish the best to owners the best and am thrilled its in my backyard!

Georgene Erickson
Georgene Erickson

Amen. I live in the "hood" and am delighted to have so charming a venue, within walking distance. It's almost like being back in Paris. Almost.

Jessica Paskel
Jessica Paskel

I tried Scratch the other day, not only do you get a cappuccino that is 16oz for the price of a Starbucks tall, but in my opinion, definitely better. If your not in the mood for coffee try their French traditional hot cocoa, they melt ganache to make it, do I have to say more? You got to try it, I'll be a regular there.


I tried visiting their website but it's not working. What's up with that?!


Here we are.. making plans to visit about 10 bakeries in LA.. then there is one great sounding location right under our noses!