Despite the fact that I personally don't care that they call themselves Black Carl, ignoring the band's name is hard. However, I will admit that in the days leading up to the interview, I became more and more intrigued, especially after reading their MySpace blogs and hearing that they've been cryptic about the name's origin in past interviews.

I didn't want to ask right away and put them on edge from the start. So, midway through the discussion, the opportunity presented itself as they chatted about the songwriting process.

Says Pew, "It's pretty organic. One member will write a lyric or some music and others will contribute. It's really easy. It's not even like we're writing a song."

The members of Black Carl want you to move your booty.
Amy Elizabeth
The members of Black Carl want you to move your booty.


Black Carl is scheduled to perform at the Phoenix Film Festival on Friday, April 4, at the Harkins Cine Capri at Scottsdale 101, and during Band Wagon II on Saturday, April 5, at Modified Arts.

Krause adds, "It's like a collective. We all add something to each other's ideas. That's why 'Chemistry' is named as such because it all came together like that."

That's when I dropped the question: Why is Black Carl named Black Carl?

Pew yells, "Goddammit!" Leonard laughs uncomfortably. Woodward sardonically adds, "It's not a question we answer very often." Noakes and Krause mumble something I can't quite decipher. Then Pew says, "Basically, this is a question to which we've yet to figure out a standard answer."

Krause breaks it down further. "Really, it's not that interesting. I was recording stuff and let my roommate hear the first song. He laughed and said, 'This is the Pink Floyd of hip-hop. You should call it Black Carl.' From then on out, I was like, 'That's amazing!' and I just went with it. People can assume whatever they want, man."

Gotcha, man. Just keep playing that funky music, white boys and girl.

Hear Black Carl for yourself in our latest Up on the Sun podcast.

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