But a call shortly afterward from a guy named Jeff left the boneheaded bloviator speechless.

"Every time I hear you use Martin Luther King's name, it makes me throw up in the back of my throat," Jeff told him. "It was people like you, the closet racists that he was rallying against. And by the way, if the mayor pays $1.2 million [to the sheriff], they should be able to tell the sheriff what they want done in their town.

"I'm listening to you talking about . . . walking around Guadalupe," Jeff continued. "And you're talking about illegals. Do you understand that the Native Americans — you need to get this through your narrow skull [when] you're talking about illegals — the Native American Indians never gave permission for the white man to stay in this country?"

On the ramparts: Immigrant rights activist Dennis Gilman and Guadalupe Mayor Rebecca Jimenez.
Stephen Lemons
On the ramparts: Immigrant rights activist Dennis Gilman and Guadalupe Mayor Rebecca Jimenez.

Jeff was on a roll.

"So when you keep talking about aliens, we all are aliens," he insisted, accusing Ankarlo of moving to Sand Land "to fan the flames of racism to enrich your pocket."

The caller concluded, "I can't believe that the mayor of Guadalupe and the city councilman didn't know they were coming on the radio station to be interviewed by a closeted racist that was going to take their words and twist them around and manipulate them."

Jeff's comments nailed Ankarlo to the wall, exposing the toxic talk-show host's insincerity regarding race, revealing the Herman Munster-look-alike to be an opportunistic parasite, gorging himself on the hate he whips up daily against Hispanics.

Ankarlo didn't know what to say, so he remained silent 'til Jeff hung up, then lambasted the caller as "stupid," "dumb," and having a "lack of intellect."

Au contraire, Ankarlowbrow. Jeff had your number like no caller before. The only statement of Jeff's this winged wordsmith would take issue with would be the term "closet racist."

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