Heidi Tourangeau knows how to save you from death by toxin absorption through living eco-friendly

Hey, stop sniffing that Sharpie and pay attention. Your home could be hazardous to your health. Don't worry, Heidi Tourangeau — one of 10 EcoBroker-certified Realtors in the Phoenix area — and her mom Valerie, a certified building biologist, want to help you find a more eco-friendly space. From feng shui to low flow, the Tourangeaus are here to help, for a price. They can also lessen the amount of electromagnetic radiation in your home by removing objects that may be killing you at this very moment — like your alarm clock. (For more information, check out www.homesweethealthyhome.com and www.naturallyhealthyhomes.com)

New Times: I doubt that any of my colleagues or I live in eco-friendly spaces. Are we absorbing toxins and other bad stuff?

Heidi Tourangeau: Yes, you are, indeed, absorbing toxins and other bad stuff into your body from the cleaning products you purchase, your furniture choices, and the materials used to build and remodel your home.

Jamie Peachey

NT: What to do? You suggest replacing carpet with wood floors certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. What else?

HT: Have your air ducts cleaned and keep leaks repaired, as necessary, [and] purchase energy-efficient appliances. And have my mom come out to evaluate to see what you might be able to do as far as the electromagnetic current in your home.

NT: Where can I buy a green house?

HT: Many green homes today are remodeled green homes. My mom and I recently remodeled a home in Chandler, using green products. There are varying degrees of "green." Communities such as the new Crismon Peaks Community in Mesa are being built and incorporating the concepts of feng shui and eco-friendly technologies.

NT: How green are you?

HT: I am currently converting my home to be more eco-friendly. We have remodeled with healthy paints and are in the process of removing the rest of our carpeting. We have an organic garden outside and we do not use weed killers or pesticides for any reason on our lawn, flowers, etc. We also use organic cleaners and eat organic vegetables and meat. We use energy-efficient appliances and have low-flow shower fixtures. Our pool is chlorine-free and we use the backwash water to water plants.

Our house, however, does not look any different from any other home, but it does smell and feel different — at least to me. Cleaners nowadays mask smells with perfumes and chemicals and make homes smell sweet, flowery, etc.

Our home smells like nothing.

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Donna Moulton
Donna Moulton

I don't think a pool is part of an eco-friendly lifestyle, chlorine or not. For a few months, I had one at a house I bought, and I was dismayed by the number of dead animals I fished out of it every day. I spent $4,000 to have the pool filled in, and the karma of the house has improved immeasurably. Then there's all that water I'm not pouring into a huge evaporation pit. News flash: water in the desert is a non-renewable resource! We're getting ours from the Colorado River, and all you have to do is look at the bath tub ring in Lake Foul to see that there's less of the River than there used to be. Also, the water from the Colorado River is pumped up hill and hundreds of miles across the desert. This uses energy!

I don't think can make the world healthier by tearing out old cabinets and carpets and adding them to the landfill, and replacing them wth new flooring and paint that consume resources and have to be transported by the burning of fossil fuels. Renovating a house is a satisfying experience that I have enjoyed, but I recognize that it was wasteful from an environmental perspective.

Also, meat consumption, with all the damage it causes to groundwater, surface water and soil, combined with the inefficient use of grain to turn it into animal flesh (Just eat the grain! What's so bad about that?), and the use of fossil fuels to process, wrap and transport the carcasses is the opposite of eco-friendly. Those dead animals, birds and fish are part of the environment, too!

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