Shannon Hoon on Blind Melon's reunion and being dead

On a recent evening, as the clock approached midnight, I created a makeshift altar with a photo of late Blind Melon singer Shannon Hoon, then lit a mixture of wormwood, patchouli, and Mrs. Dash, then chanted over and over, "I summon you from the other side; come to me and cross the great divide." Soon, a familiar apparition descended upon the room . . .

Shannon, is that you?!?

Heyyyyyy man, what's up?

Blind Melon sans Shannon Hoon.
Blind Melon sans Shannon Hoon.


Blind Melon, and Eric Hutchinson are ­scheduled to perform on Tuesday, April 29.
Club Red in Tempe

Dude, what the hell happened to you that night in New Orleans back in '95?

Awww, you know, I just did a couple lines too many, I guess. I feel bad that I bummed everyone out by dyin' and all, but I pretty much get to float up here in the clouds all day, every day, and watch the puddles gather rain down where you're at. It's awesome!

Well, that's good. And at least you didn't become a total rock star cliché by overdosing at age 27 — you waited until you were 28.

I know, dude! Hendrix and Cobain are always givin' me crap about that.

I guess you saw that Blind Melon recently got back together with a new singer — this Travis Warren guy. They've been touring, and even made an album.

Yeah, I've been followin' that a little bit. I was a little surprised and all, 'cause after I died, those guys said I was irreplaceable. But it's cool, man. Although I totally lost a bet with Layne Staley — once Alice in Chains got a new singer, he was all like, "Dude, your old band is next," and I was like, "No way!" So, yeah, I had to wear the bee costume around this joint for a couple months.

So you're not pissed off?

Naw, man, it's all good. I love my old bandmates, and that Travis guy seems really cool. Yeah, he sounds a lot like me, but I guess he was a fan of me since he was a kid — he's even got this huge tattoo of me on his back! And he always says nice stuff about me at every show they do. It's not like that INXS reality show thing, or Journey trollin' YouTube for tribute-band singers to hire — if they'd done something like that, I'd probably be mad, but it seemed like it happened pretty organically, so, yeah . . . it ain't the same, but it's not a complete joke or nothin'.

So do you realize that Heather DeLoach — who played the "Bee Girl" — is now almost as old as you were when you passed away?

Whoa, man, time really flies when you're dead! Speakin' of which, I gotta get on back . . .

Which do you think will happen first: Blind Melon has another hit song, or Chinese Democracy comes out?

Awww, man, that's a tough one. I guess I gotta go with my boys in Blind Melon — you can't ever count them out! All right, gotta split . . . and so I wave goodbye! I'm flyin' home!!

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this is why the new times has gone downhill in recent years... they let morons like this write shit like this...then they print it. this is in no way respecful, and this guy should be very ashamed... axl should kick your ass...since he was good friends with shannon...but you prolly didnt even know that... you are a piece of garbage..and your writing sucks...f you...and this article...and if you still have a job after this shows were the new times is going...


I don't think the writer himself has the power to delete comments. BTW I think the piece is funny.

Ryan Conway
Ryan Conway

If you have to delete the comments that were posted, maybe you don't have the chops to be a journalist. I would also say the same thing about the content of your piece. This thing reads like it was written in a high school composition class.


Tasteless. Period.


What a terrible thing to do... This is in terrible taste.

your conscience
your conscience

Very classless, disrepectful pice of journalism here writing.

I have a feeling karma may pay you a visit soon.

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