My friend and I went at noontime on a Saturday. The first thing I noticed was that his fried chicken, which used to be the best anywhere, was not available on Saturday. The brusque woman at the counter took my order grudgingly.

We ordered two pieces of catfish, rib tips, beef ribs, macaroni and cabbage. Forty minutes later, we were still waiting for our order. The rib tips were fatty and the meat on the beef ribs was tough as shoe leather. The catfish was virtually tasteless. Maybe I hit his place on a bad day, but it seems he has declined from running one of the best restaurants in Phoenix to running one of the most unpleasant and inedible rib shacks.
Steve Ross, via the Internet

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Kristen J
Kristen J

That's the ticket -- if we stop having kids, the plants and critters can live. Too bad that no one will be here to see it! Such nonsense!

What we need is not fewer people, but more genuine love and service of God (the Lord of Life) and our fellow man! Otherwise, there is no point to the plants and animals God put here to serve us and be cared for by us. I'm all for taking care of nature (we have adopted up to four stray cats at once), but I do not make it my god.

I guess my husband and I are just going to have to keep adding to our family of three kids to make-up for those foolish enough to reject the Gift of Life!

C. Platt
C. Platt

Your fun green-zine missed the most radical and greenest idea of all: have less--or NO--offspring! It's efficient, cheap and anybody can do it. As for Personal Carbon Footprints...if your calculation doesn't factor-in offspring, it's meaningless. C. Platt Eugene, OR


In regards to the - The Bird on Mayor Phil and why the Fonz can't tell the world, "Fuck the police"... I have been in court a lot over the past few years myself. I have heard some things in court that has been shocking to say the least. I even have a lot of them on record and in print by the court, whereby the court has openly bashed and denied civil and constitutional rights flat out... On one occassion I told a Superior Court Judge at a hearing... "If they take just one persons rights away, just one, then they inch everyone closer to having no right for anyone"... The Superior Court Judge replyed... "Save your speeches you might offend this court."... I was also ordered to submit to drug testing and had my child taken away from me for not being able to pay for them, then when I could pay for them and the results came back negitative that same Judge replied that it didn't prove anything and I still had to keep taking them for 1 1/2 years. Mind you my ex was also court ordered pay for his and my drug testing and to take them as well... and he has still has NOT submitted to a drug test or paid for them yet and has had custody of my child, for the past 1 1/2 years... The list goes on and on... It's shocking to say the least... Boy if you want a story... I sure have one people would like to hear... I've documented most of it... Contact me if your interested...

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