If there were so much to be gained by slammin' Joe, more people would be doing it. As is, the top pols taking on Arpaio are Mayor Gordon and gutsy Guadalupe Mayor Rebecca Jimenez. Where's the Guv, for instance? Cowering under her desk, continuing her reign as the lamest of lame ducks.

Still, the mayor has drawn some blood in his duel with Sheriff Scalawag. According to DOJ flack Erik Ablin, the department is reviewing the letter, which Phil sent with documentation of his claims.

Imagine the impact if Nappy or Terry chimed in with their own letters to Justice? Keep dreamin'.

Fronzo West, a.k.a. "The Fonz," shortly after being removed from Judge C. Steven McMurry's court.
Stephen Lemons
Fronzo West, a.k.a. "The Fonz," shortly after being removed from Judge C. Steven McMurry's court.

Meanwhile, Hizzoner is this heron's new hero. If Joe tries to handcuff Phil on some trumped-up charge, as he does to practically all his enemies, he'd best be ready for the political donnybrook to end all donnybrooks, with this bantam cock leadin' the charge.


Seems the snaggletoothed supremacists of bigot-boy Rusty Childress' United for a Sovereign America have had to amscray the VFW Post 9400 in Sunnyslope they were frequenting on Thursday nights. From here on out, the anti-immigrant hate group, which has welcomed neo-Nazis and other racists into its ranks will now be sullying the reputation of American Legion Post 105.

No word yet on whether U.S.A. had to abandon its VFW post because of a letter-writing campaign spearheaded by local pro-immigrant activist Dennis Gilman. Gilman and pals pointed out in missives to the VFW post's Commander Tom Kaifesh that U.S.A. once boasted Adolf Hitler-lover J.T. Ready as a regular, as well as Mexican-flag-burner Laine Lawless. Also that alleged public-urinator Buffalo Rick Galeener, who commonly refers to nonwhites as "monkeys," is Childress' second-in-command.

U.S.A. continues an armed vigil outside the Macehualli Work Center, where U.S.A.'s minions frequently spew vile epithets at day laborers or passersby. Most of the residents and nearby businesses want them out, even though Sheriff Joe used a paltry petition signed by eight local businesses and circulated by pee-boy Buffalo Prick as an excuse to set up his mobile command center in a parking lot at Cave Creek and Bell roads weeks back. The resulting standoff between hundreds of relatively well-behaved anti-Joe protesters and scores of gun-totin' U.S.A. hillbillies teetered on the edge of a riot, something U.S.A.'s rednecks would've loved to have incited.

Nickel Bag even bloviated recently at the VFW post during one of U.S.A.'s regular Thursday-night meet-ups. Among the attendees: 74-year-old neo-Nazi Elton Hall, hailed by skinhead admirers as one of George Lincoln Rockwell's original stormtroopers.

In fact, ol' Elton's been causing a bit of a kerfuffle of late at the KKK-like clambakes. See, it's been Childress' wet dream to actually sue Mayor Gordon for some dumbass reason, or to recall him. But Mr. Crusty Underpants knows that as soon as U.S.A. holds a press conference, Fourth Estaters will question his borderline-mongoloid tribe about the latest neo-Nazi in its woodpile — Elton.

Hall has volunteered to step aside for the good of the group, but he ain't about to start apologizing for any of his past far-right activities, some of which have been documented in scholarly tomes on white supremacy. Childress can't bring himself to kick Hall loose. Meantime, anti-Hispanic Hispanic Anna Gaines, one of the group's token minority members, was so incensed by Hall's presence at U.S.A. functions that she stormed out, and is reportedly starting a rival organization.

The Bird's been informed by certain tweeters that U.S.A. members have been told not to discuss Elton with the press. Some U.S.A.-watchers have speculated that Hall will continue to attend meetings and participate in events but will not be an "official" member.

It all goes to show ya that old Sand Land Nazis never die. They just end up joining United for a Sovereign America.


It ain't every day that you hear a Justice of the Peace say, "Fuck the police." But JP C. Steven McMurry did, indeed, drop the F-bomb recently. This while ordering Fronzo West, a.k.a. "The Fonz," out of his court.

"I am not having that 'Fuck the Police' [shirt] in the court!" screeched McMurry.

Afterwards, McMurry was a little calmer.

"Excuse me, but that was what was on his shirt," a somewhat chagrined Judge McMurry told this tweeter later of the Fonz's attire. "I misspoke. I wasn't expecting it."

See, The Fonz is the head of a one-man org called "Stop Police Brutality — Fuck the Police," and he's known for wearing colorful attire of his own devising, every inch scrawled over with such timely questions as "How do you call the cops on the cops?" And phrases such as the ever-popular "fuck the police," or in Spanish, "Chinga la Policia."

Fonz used to drive around in a Fuck the Police van, but since the van's been out of commission, he roller-skates everywhere, documenting the activities of the po-po, as well as sundry public events. Though the phrase "fuck the police" is protected speech under the First Amendment, cops always find a reason to arrest Fonz, often on some really pathetic charge, like "failure to obey."

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Annalee Dozier
Annalee Dozier

Cops harassing a BLACK vetren for exercising his EARNED freedom of speech...

The sheriff of the state's largest county in bed with WHITE racists and Nazis, while enforcing Jim Crow laws against MEXICANS...

All the while the county and state is loosing MILLIONS in law suits and the state is going bankupt...but nobody can figure out why...

Gee this has to be a state full of GENIUSES!

Fed Up
Fed Up

The guv and Joke go way back. Matter of fact, during the guvs first run for office she spoke with Joke on a daily basis and went out of her way to make sure he could make all over her events. By the way, the guv also passed on prosecuting Joke back in the day when she was the US attorney. I guess mofos croaking in detention aren't

Big props to Phil. He deserves accolades considering he hasn't had any back up from any elected douche bags in this sorry excuse for a state. They just don't have the stones to stand up for what is right!

As for Crusty Childress, what a douche! He should be more concerned about his appearance. The guy has more craters on his face than the surface of the moon. No surprise he's hanging with nazi's - they're douches too.

Keep up the great work FB!


The Fonz rocks! I've seen him around, but I never really knew his deal. I love it! More power to him!

Newcomer rethinking relocating
Newcomer rethinking relocating

What a courageous piece on the state of the politicos in Arizona. As a newcomer deciding whether to buy a home and start a business here, this is valuable information on the current state of affairs. I'm packing up my marbles and leaving this creepy and scary county and state. Who wants to relive the McCarthy and Hitler eras? Unless things change immediately, this state is doomed!


A little latin lesson for ya, Fonz: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

That's a quote from Juvenal, which roughly translates to 'who watches the watchmen?'. It'd look pretty sharp going down a sleeve.

Keep on keepin' on, man!


IIRC, and I'm sure the New Times covered it, Fonz's 'welcome to Phoenix' was being arrested because the police said that his daughter was 'too white' to be his and he must have kidnapped her or something. The 'too white' girl was indeed his daughter.

Fonz's shirts are really works of art. I remember seeing them for sale in Tempe. Some of the images were absolutely grand.

Fonz has been a voice against police brutality in Phoenix for many years.

As for the Guv's wishy washy and determined attitude to NOT cross Sheriff Joke... He's Phoenix's own J. Edgar Hoover and he has probably let her know that he's got the sexual goods on her and if she speaks out against him, he'll orchestrate a leak of the information. I really think it is just that simple. But considering that this is her last term, it can only mean that she will be running for a higher office in the land and so she is playing nice with Joe because he has 'Hoovered' her into shutting up.


Go get-em Fonz....More power to you !


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