Fonz, 64, figures he's been collared more than 100 times. A peaceful, soft-spoken fella, he's never aggressive but neither does he comply with cop commands. In fact, he refuses to speak with them at all! As soon as they approach him about his videotaping a traffic stop, he clams up. And if they lay hands on him, he pulls a Mahatma Gandhi (or should The Bird say Manu Ginobili) move and falls to the ground without being touched. Cops call it the "Fonz Flop."

It was during Barack Obama's visit to the Valley on January 30 at Phoenix's Veterans Memorial Coliseum that, according to a Department of Public Safety incident report, Obama staffer Peter Cage complained about Fonz, who was subsequently carried out of the coliseum headfirst by a squad of burly DPS dudes. Fonz was charged with second-degree criminal trespass, and that's why he was in Judge McMurry's court the day he was thrown out.

To be fair, Fonz had been warned previously by another judge not to come to court in his unique urban ensemble. But, as he says, "I'm always in uniform." So now the Navy vet faces a warrant issued by Judge McMurry for failure to appear, as well as the Obama charge. (McMurry says if the Fonz is wearing his Fuck the Police attire, then McMurry does not recognize Fonz as present and ready for trial.)

Full disclosure: New Times attorney Steve Suskin represents the Fonz pro bono at all his court appearances. Be that as it may, Fronzo West did nothing wrong at the Obama rally, 'cept show up in his eff-you-copper duds.

That is, The Bird watched Fonz's video footage from the Obama event. Other folks present were videotaping the happenings. So why was Fonz picked on? DPS says Fonz was intoxicated, but the Fonz rarely drinks, and DPS has no proof. No blood-alcohol test was administered.

The fuzz and Obama flunkies may not like what Fonz is wearing, but Fonz is a law-abiding citizen who has served his country in the military. The Bird's saying: Lay off! Fonz is a true American original, and if the authorities don't like it, they should take the advice offered, free of charge, on Fonz's clothing.

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Annalee Dozier
Annalee Dozier

Cops harassing a BLACK vetren for exercising his EARNED freedom of speech...

The sheriff of the state's largest county in bed with WHITE racists and Nazis, while enforcing Jim Crow laws against MEXICANS...

All the while the county and state is loosing MILLIONS in law suits and the state is going bankupt...but nobody can figure out why...

Gee this has to be a state full of GENIUSES!

Fed Up
Fed Up

The guv and Joke go way back. Matter of fact, during the guvs first run for office she spoke with Joke on a daily basis and went out of her way to make sure he could make all over her events. By the way, the guv also passed on prosecuting Joke back in the day when she was the US attorney. I guess mofos croaking in detention aren't

Big props to Phil. He deserves accolades considering he hasn't had any back up from any elected douche bags in this sorry excuse for a state. They just don't have the stones to stand up for what is right!

As for Crusty Childress, what a douche! He should be more concerned about his appearance. The guy has more craters on his face than the surface of the moon. No surprise he's hanging with nazi's - they're douches too.

Keep up the great work FB!


The Fonz rocks! I've seen him around, but I never really knew his deal. I love it! More power to him!

Newcomer rethinking relocating
Newcomer rethinking relocating

What a courageous piece on the state of the politicos in Arizona. As a newcomer deciding whether to buy a home and start a business here, this is valuable information on the current state of affairs. I'm packing up my marbles and leaving this creepy and scary county and state. Who wants to relive the McCarthy and Hitler eras? Unless things change immediately, this state is doomed!


A little latin lesson for ya, Fonz: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

That's a quote from Juvenal, which roughly translates to 'who watches the watchmen?'. It'd look pretty sharp going down a sleeve.

Keep on keepin' on, man!


IIRC, and I'm sure the New Times covered it, Fonz's 'welcome to Phoenix' was being arrested because the police said that his daughter was 'too white' to be his and he must have kidnapped her or something. The 'too white' girl was indeed his daughter.

Fonz's shirts are really works of art. I remember seeing them for sale in Tempe. Some of the images were absolutely grand.

Fonz has been a voice against police brutality in Phoenix for many years.

As for the Guv's wishy washy and determined attitude to NOT cross Sheriff Joke... He's Phoenix's own J. Edgar Hoover and he has probably let her know that he's got the sexual goods on her and if she speaks out against him, he'll orchestrate a leak of the information. I really think it is just that simple. But considering that this is her last term, it can only mean that she will be running for a higher office in the land and so she is playing nice with Joe because he has 'Hoovered' her into shutting up.


Go get-em Fonz....More power to you !


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