It's the rest of the case that's nonsense. And, after watching a court hearing two weeks ago, I think Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Teresa Sanders gets that.

Wilkerson spent three months in the Maricopa County Jail after the accident, desperately trying to raise money for bail. And even after his release, he's been saddled with onerous release terms: both an ankle bracelet and house arrest, which kept him in his apartment for all but a few hours every day, outside of work. Wilkerson has two adopted daughters in middle school; just to attend their band concerts, he says, he was forced to get the court's permission.

House arrest became even more of an issue when Wilkerson was promoted at work. After he was arrested, Wilkerson was fired from his job at the U.S. Postal Service. (They said he'd failed to get his absence excused — which is kind of hard to do when you're stuck in jail.) But he was hired at a Fountain Hills gas station, and they liked his work enough to make him assistant manager. That meant every time Wilkerson had to come in to cover for another employee, or handle a crisis, he had to get the court's permission.

Peter Storch

In the latest court hearing April 18, Wilkerson's attorney, Michelle Carson, argued that it was high time to lift the house arrest and take the ankle bracelet off, too. She argued that there's a very good chance that Wilkerson will never be convicted of the most serious charges.

"To continue to hold him on extremely restrictive release conditions, in light of so much evidence that he's not the guilty party in this case, is extremely unnecessary," Carson told the judge.

As Carson noted, Wilkerson has passed 23 urine tests. He's complied with every restriction outlined by the court.

The prosecutor argued that there was no new evidence in the case. But Judge Sanders, citing Wilkerson's record of compliance, disagreed.

"He's had no violations since he was released in 2007," she noted. "He's been consistently [drug] testing and has tested negatively every time in the past year. He has no prior criminal history — that's why I'm modifying his terms to this extent."

It was a really big victory for the defense. It's also, I think, a good indication that Wilkerson's attorney may be right.

The case is complicated. But, as Carson says, there's not a lot of evidence that Wilkerson is, in fact, the guilty party.

Surely the underage drinking played a role in the other driver's actions. And I think it's also clear from Yavapai County's decision that this one is messy. Accidents happen!

The county attorney shouldn't waste another dime on this case. (Because Wilkerson's lawyer is a public defender, every dime wasted by the prosecutors is multiplied by two. The taxpayers are on the hook for both prosecution and defense.)

Instead, the prosecutors should let Wilkerson plead guilty to one charge of leaving the scene and drop the rest of the charges immediately.

He's done three months in jail. He spent nine months after that on house arrest. No one can say he hasn't suffered. When I talked to him about the case recently, he made a point of talking about just how devastated he was by Felicia Edwards' death — and mentioned that he got his current job because it's across the street from his apartment complex and he can walk there. "You can be doing everything legal and driving perfectly and still be involved in an accident," he said. "I'm still very timid about driving."

You can bet this guy is not going to attempt another U-turn any time soon, much less smoke a joint. Lesson learned.

Beyond that, prosecutors have a duty not to press charges unless they think they have a "reasonable likelihood of conviction." That's simply no longer the case here.

The taxpayers of Arizona shouldn't have to finance a trial just to prove it.

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Every day I see felishas face on the wall of north canyon she was awsome and gorgeous and its sad that she had to die her and amber hung out every single day they were best friends...I'm sorry amber thatyou had to go through that if felisha was here she would want u too know she is sorry for choosing to go instead of stay with u the day she died...she deserved to live forever. JUSTISE is what felisha should isn't about color of skin its about the wonderful girl that had to die when she didn't even drink she suffered for her friends choises that isn't right...felisha will always be in our hearts


In Arizona your color of skin makes a big difference. If your not white your under privlided. This young rich white girl has had problems since high school. Has anyone checked her records at Shadow Mountain High School. Alcohol & drugs has been a problem for her. Does anyone care????????


Plz tell Bryant we are all rooting for him from Fountain Hills, AZ!We have faith that your sentence is minimal, if at all. You've been through Hell and we are praying for you. Hope to see you soon!

Bebe Felicia's Bestfriend
Bebe Felicia's Bestfriend

All I have to say about this is if you where not there than therefore you have no right to have any kind of word. A now realize that writers that have wrote on the subject of Felicia's death & how it happened are full of shit. Anyone with mere commonsense knows that these articles are nothing but false statements. Like I said, if you where not there you have no right to TRY and put your own judgement and your own 'persona' opinion in this. I am Felicia's bestfriend & I AM a very close friend to Laura, and to be as honest as I can be I personally think it's not here fault. They where at the wrong place at the wrong time. Only GOD knows why things happen the way they do.


How much does one family have to endure. First you lose a child, to find out that her driver and the other driver is drunk and to top it off both will go scott free. Then you all have to anyalize in a newspaper. Is there no justice in this Nation anymore. If that had been me I would have been behind bars so fast your head would spin. But no, one driver is black, one has rich parents. There is no justice. Felicia's family has suffered this past year trying to come to terms with her death. Waiting for justice, waiting and learning that there will probably be none. Why? That's the question. We don't ask God why she was taken, just why is there no justice for her. Why is Laura still running free, having tons of fun. Why? I ask you why? Where is the Justice for Felicia.

Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen

Sarah, Thanks for exposing this travesty of justice. Once again, there is no common sense among the prosecutors who only care about a conviction, since they don't pick up the tab for the expenses involved -- the taxpayers do. The jails and prisons are overburdened. This man's life has been deeply affected. Keep on informing the public of the overzealous prosecution. Prosecutors no longer understand what "reasonable doubt" means much less "presumption of innocence." Please write about "abuse of the Victim's Rights" laws. What happens when someone abuses the Victim's Rights? What are the penalties? The public has a right to know. They pay the legal fees and all the costs forever. Sounds like the winner is the one who claims Victim's Rights first. Who determines who the victim is? Few states have these laws and many in Arizona abuse them.

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