I'm ready to get the hell out of the place, but then all these hot chicks stumble through the front door and head out back. I decide to take a look and follow the gals out the rear door. Turns out the back area is the smoking section, and it's just as big as the front of the place, all walled in with block walls and steel bars. The smoking area is louder and has more of the local flavor; it even has two electronic dartboards to toss off a few. What I love most about the back — besides the hotties — is the tall bookshelf filled with shitty romance novels and what I imagine is country fiction. I'm glad to see a book exchange, even if it's at this country hang. I almost steal a book, but decide against it. I am miserable enough already, without having to submit myself to Dan Brown-style country stories. Come now, I'm in a place that can't spell its own name — "spur" is spelled with one "r." Yee haw!

Todd Alvarado
Todd Alvarado


Pig Points: Hot chicks, book exchange, slushy machines, no windows, cash only, bar hooks for purses, strong drinks, and great smoking patio.
Pig Shit: You feel trapped in a double-wide decorated by John Wayne, happy hour is 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., don't forget your Hemi truck and cowboy hat, no condom machine.
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The Spurr Lounge, 5535 West Baseline Road, Laveen

I guess you can say Laveen has adopted the whole "out with the old and in with the new" attitude. I can deal with old cool hangs and history, like the outside façade, but I have trouble with new-style places and neighborhoods and the like. Good news is that I can put up with a lot, especially if the lot comes with booze, spurs, and hot chicks (hey, let a pig have his fantasy).

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