Luck equals preparation plus opportunity: You managed to sum up Steve Kerr's entire career in the [graphic] that went with your story: the six straight three-pointers for the Arizona Wildcats, the Finals-winning shot with the Bulls in 1997, and the four three-pointers during the Spurs' comeback win against Dallas [in game 6 of the 2003 Western Conference Championship].

He had skill, no doubt. But he was also lucky as hell to be on those teams in the first place. Without those three big moments, nobody would even remember his NBA career.
Mike Mitchell, Tempe

Write more sports tales, Paul: Great story on Steve Kerr! What a neat, funny guy, and what a background! Paul, write more sports stories. You've got a knack.
Luisa Darling, Phoenix

Shaquille O'Neal and Steve Kerr
Shaquille O'Neal and Steve Kerr
Former ADOT employee Cliff Young
Former ADOT employee Cliff Young

The heart of Steve: I loved this story about Steve Kerr and the Suns. I'm not giving up on them. If the players all had the heart of Steve . . .

As a middle-school teacher, I'm going to have my students read this story (even with the f-bomb at the beginning — so what?), and want to thank you for telling everyone what that guy is all about.
Johnnie Contreras, Surprise

Coach Kerr?: Here's an idea: Make Steve Kerr the new Suns coach! I could tell from your story that there was bad blood between him and Coach Mike D'Antoni.

D'Antoni should have let Kerr give him suggestions on use of players, etc. and not had such a bad attitude. The Suns' lack of depth killed them against San Antonio.
Steve Nicholson, via the Internet

Where was the D?: Your article only hinted at the dispute between GM Steve Kerr and Coach Mike D'Antoni, but news reports have contained more on this in the days since the Suns were (aghast!) eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

In your article, both were on their best behavior regarding the other. Still, it was obvious there was a big problem. Don't get me wrong, I think D'Antoni is a brilliant offensive coach. But he has never made his team play defense. Maybe he doesn't even know how to coach this way; after all, he was an offensive player and coach exclusively in Italy. I know from watching Kerr doing commentary on TNT [before he became GM] that he thought the Suns were sadly underwhelming on defense. He must have stressed this deficiency to D'Antoni, who was apparently too stubborn to listen.

The Shaq move was a step in the right direction, but it was too little too late. Shaq played great, considering his age, but without team defense, the Suns went nowhere. I just hope that Kerr is able to make D'Antoni get on the same page about this, or that he gets a coach who will play on both ends of the court.
Name withheld by request

Fire D'Antoni, Steve: You guys at New Times would've looked like geniuses if the Suns just could've won the games they should've won in the first round. Going into Game 5, it just as easily could've been 3-1 in favor of the Suns. Turnovers, blown coaching decisions, missed free throws! Then, Steve Kerr would've looked like a genius, and not a goat.

Sack D'Antoni, and give GM Kerr a chance to get a coach who'll stress defense, not just offense!
Name withheld by request

Falling out of love with Nash: I really think the problem with the Suns is Steve Nash. He has lost several steps since his recent MVP years. The team could probably get a couple of decent younger players for him, or a single top player. Maybe the love affair with him is over, and it's time to move on.
Name withheld by request


An investigation is needed: I was appalled to read about Cliff Young and his termination for complaining about discrimination at the Arizona Department of Transportation ("Employee of the Month," April 10, Sarah Fenske).

The fact that Mr. Young was terminated for bringing evidence of discrimination to light is an outrage, since the Arizona Civil Rights Act protects employees who complain about discriminatory practices (even if the complainer isn't the one being discriminated against).

This is just another disgraceful example of how protection of the law is selectively applied. Shame on ADOT and on the state for Young's termination and groundless prosecution, and kudos to Young for standing up for the truth.
Kathleen Hatch, Phoenix

An unjustifiable termination: How can ADOT possibly justify firing Cliff Young?! There needs to be an investigation of his firing, and I would hope that some official at ADOT would be up on criminal charges.

This kind of stuff is shameless, and, as citizens, we cannot let our taxpayer-supported governments get away with it. Somebody in power needs to step up and support those who tell the truth. Instead they just sit back and let them be thrown to the dogs.

Pretty soon, nobody will speak up when there's corruption/wrongdoing, and citizens will be even bigger losers than we already are in this state.
Nancy Bradley, Phoenix

Cast a stone, create change: I really would like to see the public and, moreover, state employees at ADOT unite against ADOT to stop the management tag team from misrepresenting state interests in place of their own personal agendas.

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