Women our age fought very hard to go up against a system that you yourself couldn't even imagine. It pains me that today women your age don't really grasp the backsliding into the '50s that's going on — anti-feminism, anti-abortion, anti-just about all of the difficult strides that were made. These are things that women your age must be vigilant to protect.

Your mom sounds like a peach of a person, and you were very fortunate to have her. I've lived my life feeling like I've let my own kids down because I just didn't fit the mold.

About the dog: For God's sake, do not get a dog because you think you need something to take care of to be "normal." That's just too '50s-think for me.
Name withheld by request


A good beat, and you can dance to it: Great job finally showing some support to the best local band in Phoenix. It's nice to see good people achieve success ("Sticker Shock," Benjamin Leatherman, May 8).

They've only touched the surface. They produce songs that can grab any type of listener. I've been a supporter from the first day I heard them about two years ago. It's the type of music that current radio songs just don't have.
Brandon Hypse, Phoenix

Don't be a playa-hater-hater: I notice that you printed three letters to the editor from Digital Summer-haters ("Last name says it all," "You keep hurting us, too" "Jason, you're kidding, right?," May 15). One of the letter-writers had the name James Envy. He couldn't be more appropriately monikered.

The two, along with Jason Drew, are just angry that they aren't on New Times' cover. It couldn't be more transparent. That their bands probably suck donkey dick probably means squat to these shameless playa-haters.
T.T. Martino, Tempe

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Jo Hendricks
Jo Hendricks

New topic...PLEASE! Run the sheriff for president of the U.S.! I plan to write-in his name. I know he could change the country for the better!!!!

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