Fair Ball

D-Backs stand up for the poor little guy

If you’re like us, you loathe and despise the captive-audience price-gouging that goes on at sports arenas. Five or six bucks for a dog? Eight or nine for a brew? Hell, you’ll only shell out $5 for a sixer and another buck for the wiener at the neighborhood Circle K. The whole decadent deal’s transformed us from loyal customers to the sullen folks who aren’t filling all those empty seats. Thankfully, our local baseball franchise is taking steps to soothe our injured feelings with its Arizona Diamondbacks Family Friday series. Here’s the steal -- er, deal: $15 for a game ticket, medium Pepsi, Diamondback Dog, gratis pass to the Phoenix Zoo, and postgame fireworks.
Fri., April 11; Fri., April 18; Fri., May 2; Fri., May 16; Fri., May 30; Fri., June 13; Fri., July 4; Fri., July 18; Fri., Aug. 8; Fri., Aug. 22; Fri., Aug. 29; Fri., Sept. 12; Fri., Sept. 26, 2008
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