The Mexican on rural similarities and lies born of vanity

 I'm a Mexican American, but I always lie and tell people my ancestors were from Spain and immigrated to the United States in the 1920s. My whole family says this. We feel embarrassed if we tell people that our heritage is Mexican because Mexicans in the USA are so dirty, mostly gangbangers, and they spray graffiti everywhere. My family is not like that. My father went to UCLA and I'm going to USC right now. Should I face my background and tell people the truth?
Coconut Cabrón

Felicidades, you are officially the most pendejo person ever to ask the Mexican! I'm fine with people labeling themselves whatever they want given ethnic identity is fluid like water (special shout-out to all the pochos that must endure the "You're not a 'real Mexican'" bigotry of Mexicans and Chicano yaktivists but who are nevertheless proud of their heritage), but you're just stupid. You obviously don't consider yourself Spaniard, since you begin your pregunta by identifying yourself as a Mexican American, so labeling yourself Spanish is a lie borne out of vanity rather than pride. You then state, without inserting any qualifiers, that Mexicans are dirty, tagging cholos, but quickly offer your family as counter-examples, thus invalidating your overarching claim. Go ahead and tell people the truth about you — that eres un wimpy wab who's so self-hating he must ask the Mexican for a blessing. Here's your bendición: Vete a la fregada, pinche puto pendejo baboso.

I'm from a little podunk area that relies heavily on labor-intensive agriculture (mostly raising tobacco) and has a lot of Mexican immigrants. I've noticed that most of the Mexicans I've worked with or met share the same interests as most of the rednecks I grew up with. Not to lay stereotypes on either group, but I'm gonna: Both want big Dodge trucks with something on the back window (rednecks usually go for Confederate flags, Mexicans usually go for the Virgen de Guadalupe), both often wear boots made out of some exotic animal skin, both seem to listen to country music, drink a lot of cheap beer, and hit on chubby redneck girls. Are the new immigrants just adapting to the dominant redneck culture or do rural folks north and south of the border just share a lot of the same interests?
Hillbilly In Central Kentucky


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The South will rise again — thanks to the help of Mexicans. U.S. Census figures show that Dixie experienced the largest increase of Latinos, percentage-wise, of any region in the United States, with Mexicans constituting the vasto majority of the population. While a lot of gabachos have fretted about the influx, you're right to embrace the immigrants, Hillbilly. Mexicans and rednecks are removed only by birth. The differences are negligible — Jack and Jim for ustedes, Cazadores and Herradura for nosotros. Ramón Ayala is our Bill Monroe; "Rocky Top" is y'alls' "Canción Mixteca." We cheer sports everyone else jeers (NASCAR, soccer), use plural second-person pronouns, and we both hate invading Yankees. The only matter we part on is the idea of secession from the United States: While Southerners tried but failed, we're perfectly content with allowing our birth rates to advance across America like Stonewall Jackson did through the Shenandoah Valley.

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Hey . read your rag would not miss an issue for nothing ,i send a few copies to friends back home [SW.FLORIDA]maybe some of your readers have heard of some of these places immockalee,plant city,plne the article on red necks and immagrants have alot in common, who is that dude and were does he come from oh ya kentucky,most of my kin are born and raised there,right on the shores of the ohio river ,that dude is full of mud ,and you with the statement about how the mexican race sets up little communities in cities that have agrigulture from watermelons to up north apples ,then they populate these peace full towns by how did ya say ,something about stone wall jackson i did not even know he was a mexican.Let me ask have you ever been to one of those little communities andsee what is going on after they fill up avery shack and abandone house they can they start raping there own and robbing there own the ones with money say fuck the ones with out admit it there is a history of rape and it is most of the time a relative and a minor involved look what ever you call your self ,i;m sure that you are a pur bloode something right as for me i am what most americans are a mixture of races that came to this country to make a life and a future for the generations that would be born here and work here do your research every man is entitled to what heis worth,the ideal is to keep certian services and jobs at a certian rate that way an employer knows how much a man is excpcting to earn,the several dollars difference of having excperience or not but see that scale is nolonger cause of cetian people that have convincedthe ignorant that the white man will not do that job who the fuck do you think was scrubbing the toilets and cutting the grass and digging the ditches before a certian race and people like you with access to getting your opinion to thousands see the americans from my generation used to get paid for there services my generation did a great deal of the what ever was needed to be done over the last 30 years as you can see alot has been accomplished in the building of thi country in that time buy in the past 10 years people are crawling into this country to spit out babies that they cannot afford but welfare will pay the more bambinos the fatter the check and with that in mind well the piece of shit that thinks it is mucheese mo to have his lady spiiting out 5 or 6 kids that the usa goverment is paying the dr bills the grociery bill the electri bill the rent and all the other programs out there shit the man fuck that fuck well shit ya i can do that job hell you dont have to pay me 12 or 15 dollars an hour shit i willdo it for 6 or 7 ,ya you damn right he will cause the fucking goverment is paying all the bills he dont need any money excepy some beer money or enuogh to get that fat ounce of blow our that kilo of speed so his nephews can drive around with the pager making deliveries cash money ya do not see any of that money paying taxes on and the 6 dollars an hour the taxes coming out of that shit your proud of the way your peopl are multipling ya i bet you are how about i come down there and let your boss know that i can do your job for half the money that he pays you cause shit cuzz that job you got them americans they do not want to do that kind of work there lazy shit amricans we are to good to be maids or butlers or cut the grass dude it is people like you talking that smack tha are fucking the system up that took years to make so kowwhat i quess i will o home kick back a 12 pack molest my brothers daughter then get my wife and her friend pregnant get on welfare and next time i get pulled over i sign up on the list to sue my goverment for profiling me ya i will sue the goverment that is paying all my bills that allows me to get alot of work cause i will do it for halfof what the gringos will chargewhat a fucking sorry excuse of a race no wonder your own people hat each other some thing in common with a redneck i do not think so see i paid for my truck not the goverment and you there were is it that you come from.

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