Russell's just as bad as Mark: What a freakin' scumbag! I, too, have been personally victimized by the Bosworth clan. My dealings were more with Russell Bosworth, but the story is the same: dishonest frauds who took advantage of many, many innocent people.

Russell Bosworth collected rent from my 26 residential properties and then absconded with the proceeds after closing down his office late at night on a Saturday. I've sued him and now have a judgment against him and his company. The Bosworths need to fry!
Name withheld by request

Good riddance to GoRenter: I tried GoRenter to list a home of mine. Big mistake. Luckily, I didn't lose too much, and I learned a valuable lesson. I was charged for things that weren't done and, then, late fees for not paying those fees, and nobody would answer their phone. I'd just get threatening letters.

I finally drove out to GoRenter's office, and I was told that everyone was out that day. In retrospect, it was a lot more work dealing with them than it would be to just list and rent a home yourself.

I was so relieved to get the contract canceled, which required an appointment and another drive out there. I'm still getting the threatening letters, but chances are they have bigger fish to fry right now. Good riddance to this so-called company.
Name withheld by request

A charlatan defined: Unbelievable! This man Mark Bosworth has no education, no real estate license, no investment or finance savvy, no ability to run a business profitably (that is, without acting fraudulently), no morals, no nothing!

All he has going for him is high-energy charisma. I mean, he's a short ex-football-player putz. I guess a lot of people who've been involved with him feel the pain now! That's how con artists work!

My comment to the Arizona Corporation Commission and to state Real Estate Commissioner Sam Wercinski: Get this a-hole and his company, GoRenter, out of our state!
Name withheld by request

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Sam Kahn
Sam Kahn

Heard of juvenile chang gangs, are they implemanted yet and how young?


Actually sometimes we forget that most of the people Arpaio is harrasing and putting in Jail are non-violent non-dangerous people. That is where many people don�t understand. Joe likes to paint the picture that he is getting tough on the �bad guys� but really he is harrasing the average, unfortunate anybody. Immigrants, drug users, hispanics, and people who stand up to joe haven�t made any �attacks� on society. He just uses them as scape goats to pull his stunts to attract media attention.

Another thing is, even if some VERY FEW of his inmates really are �bad guys� I have never seen any evidence nor any psychological study which shows that by abusing people they become better people. Most people in jail will get out of jail some day and it is much better to concentrate on rehabilitation so that they become better members of society instead of abusing them and very likely making them even worse offender.

Another thing, Phoenix has one of the highest crime rates in the US and is one of the more dangerous cities in the US. Joe has been in office several years and if his stunts really worked, then why is this the case?

I say �Joe�s gotta go.�

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