Upon her release from jail the following morning, on the advice of my attorney, we immediately had her blood and urine tested at an independent lab. A week later, the test results confirmed what we already knew: My daughter was not under the influence of anything.

Yet, at her hearing, the prosecutor didn't bother to bring in the police test results because he presumed her guilt, too. When we presented our test results to the judge, he ordered the prosecutor to retrieve the police results, and after confirming that my daughter had been wrongfully arrested, he dismissed the charges and immediately gave back her driver's license.

While I have no tolerance for drunk driving, I do believe that until an officer has clear evidence of intoxication or impairment, the driver deserves the benefit of the doubt.

I have friends in law enforcement who've told me that their job is just to make arrests. The more the better! If some of them get tossed in court [unjustly], oh, well.
Michael Bell, Bakersfield

Dirty cops in AZ: Cops in this state are dirty. It's a shame, but you have to move to Mexico to get away from their corruption!
William Parker, Phoenix

This is nothing new, people: First, as an attorney I can tell you this kind of thing has been going on for years. The only difference is, it gets more press now.

Cops have always been taught to report bloodshot, watery eyes, and smells of alcohol, regardless of the situation. And any sobriety test is developed to fail the suspect.
Name withheld by request

The real drunks are getting away: When five officers spend this much time arresting a sober driver, you can bet that they've missed dozens of other drivers who were actually drunk or driving recklessly.

Until DUI laws make sense again and the blood-alcohol limit is raised to a reasonable number, the police will be harassing people who've had a couple of drinks (or none), while those who are actually drunk get away.
Name withheld by request

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Mr. Flores of Glendale, I did enjoy your rant. You saying, "redneck" puts you in the same boat as the person you hate. REDNECK is like using the words "nigger or spick" I feel sorry for people like you with all this hate. My mom was born in Mexico and moved to Arizona met my dad an moved to...Kentucky. I am here because most of my family lives here...Good luck with your issues.

Frank E. Fuller
Frank E. Fuller

I have been a drilling contractor in Ariz. for over twenty two years and in the 90's we seen a very real danger to children at school's and park's when drilling for lighting up grades, etc.After we left the job site vandals would uncover our hole's and expose them self and other children to the fall hazard, that same thing happened a few years ago on Deer Valley Road when two little boy's removed a half of an electrical spool that APS was covering there holes with and there little sister fall into the hole. They ask me why they would buy our hole lock when they get the wooden spools free, I stated that the fact that the little boys had removed the spool and there little sister fall in, he stated that they put dirt over the spool. That's a sand box without the walls and will only serve to attract children.Tony Bernardino was flying a kite with his Dad 35 years ago when he fall in a 18" x 27' hole for sever hours that some vandal had uncovered and the same rescue technique was used in Texas for Baby Jessica, but the drilling part was much longer.Please visit our web site and view our product video with Tony Bernardino telling his story with pic. from life magazine.Thirty five years and we are the only hole locking device on the market that has proven itself to keep vandals out.Please read school principal Louis Laffitte Jr's letter on the web site.I HOPE someone writes this story before someones child dies' because all the OSHA and state laws deal with employees and not a word about children,yet they are the ones that should be protected first.We have documentation of children falling in and videos of children playing around construction holes at park's and school's covered only with plywood! Contact us for full documentation.We have meet all OSHA regulatory requirements as compliance solutions for fall protection, yet no one is interested. Frank


Think cops are on a power trip in Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa...try Scottsdale, they are no better than the rest of the PIGS out there.

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